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9 vExperts Share the Value of the Program Through Their Personal Stories

Throughout the years of the vExpert program we as a community have grown not only in size but personally. Personal growth is something that I (Corey Romero) have seen for years in the community. I’ve seen vExpert receive bonuses, new jobs, create blogs, write books, go from not sharing to being on stage sharing their story. What’s the true value of the vExpert Program? The individual vExperts are… I don’t need to sell you on this program, read the stories below and see for yourself what the program has done for these 9 individuals. If you want to be part of this amazing group of people you can apply from now to July 9th when the applications close.

Gareth Edwards: Is it worth becoming a vExpert… YES! My story…

“The biggest opportunities for me is opening up some amazing channels to the greatest minds in the industry. I have some amazing engaging chats with people that I did not think were possible. It is amazing to think about what I have learnt from some of these things even webinars and been able to put out into my work. Some parts have been made possible by things such as the vExpert party and getting to meet Pat Gelsinger, its great to see how much he loved the program and made time to say Hi to everyone that wanted to.” Read the full article.

Christopher Kusek: VMware vExpert 2021 Second Half Applications Opening 7 June!

“These are just a handful of resources you can pursue. You can always reach out to a vExpert, including myself with how you can profile your pursuits of the past 6 months to a year, or if you’re looking at building your community engagement level and don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out. As a VMware vExpert PRO My focus has been in the domestic Americas, Africa and APAC regions, with added emphasis on Mainland China and South Korea. You don’t HAVE to be in any of those locations… you can be anywhere on the planet! I tend to typically engage in English, but if you’re passionate enough to pursue this designation, I’m passionate enough to engage with you in your preferred language to the best of my translation ability!” Read the full article.

Nacho Gonzalez: brings us a great video delivered in Spanish.

Alain Geenrits shows and shares the value of being a vExpert.

“Halfway through my first year I became jobless. I kept writing some blogs and talking to people. I continued as an independent contractor and actually found a few projects through the vExpert community! If you need more reasons to apply, tell me! I also noticed that for customers the vExpert title is becoming important, it is not a certification of course, but it shows that you are in touch with VMware. On top of that I hooked up with the guys at Comdivision and I now work together with them. You can check on our vExpert page that this a very important program for us!” Read the full article.

Michael Rebmann: How becoming a VMware vExpert changed my life

“Benefit 1: Becoming a VMware vExpert helps to you get visibility and more people finding your blog!

Why did my numbers go up starting in August 2019?

I had a customer looking at VMware Horizon, who was evaluating different thin clients. While troubleshooting something in their POC (proof of concept) environment, they asked me, if they would have other options like Igel, Dell, Fujitsu or Igel thin clients. Is there a better and even cheaper option?

This question and some research made me order a Raspberry Pi 4 model, which I wanted to test. I wanted to figure out and write about, if the Raspberry Pi 4 could become the ultimate thin client.

It was one simple question, which resulted in an idea for a blog article and then resulted in more visitors coming to my blog.

Until today this article is by far the most successful article with the most hits per month! Suddenly I had pingbacks from other vExperts, people were talking about this article on Twitter and VMware forums as well! Benefit 2: People recognize your vExpert status (and credibility) and start to mention you on social media” Read the full article

Pradhuman: What is vExpert?? Should I apply??

“Now I am going to share what it means to me, I am sure there are many other vExperts who will second to this. VMware vExpert program gives you wings and a community to help you/hold you if you fall while learning to fly. I know it sound imaginary, but its true.

This program starts working for you the moment you decide to apply. As it has some requirements for applying so, if you decide to apply, you start working to meet them. And to your amazement, requirement is just one “Giving back to community”. There are multiple ways you can do that, and you don’t have to be an expert on one technology, sharing what you are learning also adds to your application.” Read the full article

Michael Schroeder: vExpert Pro 2021

” I’ve been actively blogging since 2010, and for a long time I too considered my own content to be insignificant or not good enough. So it finally wasn’t until 2017 that I applied to become a vExpert for the first time. Back then, I would have appreciated a mentor like a vExpert Pro. This would have certainly helped me get to the vExpert program with more confidence and also much sooner. I consider this to be my primary mission as a vExpert Pro.” Read the full article

Razvan Ionescu: Being a vExpert

“I applied to vExpert program for the first time 2 years ago. I was kind of pushed by one of my VMUG co-leaders who was accepted earlier that year. So, I applied too. I still remember how it felt when I got the acceptance letter. It gave me joy and a peculiar sense of pride. All of a sudden there were 2 vExperts in Romania. I didn’t realize the true potential of it until I had access to this beautiful community of people driven by their passion and to the resources made available to me:”

  • access to a global network of techies through dedicated Slack channels
  • VMware licenses for my lab for 1 year
  • dedicated webinars for vExperts
  • parties at VMworld (this will wait a bit for now)
  • more people and knowledge through the subprogram
  • increased visibility on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn
Read the full article.

Amin Masoudifard: I’m still on the road of vExpert …

“It’s a perfect experience to be a part of vExperts society. Three years ago, when I decided to register for the first time, I don’t have any special clue at the beginning of the road and just read about the vExpert badge’s benefits. So I decided to work hard on it.” Read the full article

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