VCDX Spotlight: Phoebe Kim

Architect Phoebe Kim #288, who works at VMware, was encouraged by her manager to work toward the certification, which she earned in January 2020. She explains the challenges of preparing for a “nerve-wracking” defense, the benefits of getting support from a team, and how it made her a better speaker. Phoebe talks about how much she loves solving problems, “playing” with Carbon Black, and the future of automation. Check out her take in the VCDX Spotlight video below!

As a Customer Success Architect at VMware, Phoebe Kim helps customers design and adopt solutions based on VMware technology to solve business challenges. Previously, Phoebe worked in technology consulting, where she was responsible for managing projects and leading teams of engineers. Phoebe has a VCDX certification in network virtualization in addition to various technical certifications from AWS and Cisco. You can connect with Phoebe on Twitter.


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