Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert NSX. I’m pleased to announce the list of 2018 vExperts who received the NSX award. Each of these vExperts has demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

The program is built upon the vExpert program. To apply you must be a current vExpert as well as evangelizing VMware NSX. We will open applications once per year for each of the sub-programs.

If you were in the program previously and no longer, you may have missed the application window. Please email vExpert at VMware.

Thank You,

Corey Romero (@vCommunityGuy), Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) and Katie Holms (@katie_holms)


First Name Last Name
Abdullah Abdullah
eiad alaqqad
Ebrahim Aldesouky
Mohamad Alhussein
Matthew Allford
Joshua Andrews
Ariel Antigua
Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong
Aram Avetisyan
Cory Barker
Brandon Bazan
Eric Beach
Ivo Beerens
Ather Beg
Daemon Behr
Giuliano Bertello
Niclas BorgstrÕ_m
Mike Brown
Mischa Buijs
Matthew Bunce
Mike Burkhart
Alan Burns
Erik Bussink
Valdacir Carvalho
Darryl Cauldwell
Saadallah Chebaro
Brad Christian
Luis Concistre
Jonathan Copeland
Tom Cronin
Mike Da Costa
Dave Davis
Tim Davis
Marc Vincent Davoli
MaurÕ_cio Harley de Brito Bezerra
Ronald de Jong
William de Marigny
Jagadeesh Devaraj
Animesh Dixit
Neal Dolson
Rich Dowling
Matthias Eisner
Ben Evans
Niran Even-chen
Ron Flax
Michael Fleisher
Tomas Fojta
Victor Fondevilla
Christopher Frenz
Javier Galvez
Alexander Ganser
Wesley Geelhoed
Gomaa Ghoneem
Justin Giardina
Jose Maria Gonzalez
Thom Greene
Joseph Griffiths
Sebastian Grugel
Niels Hagoort
Brandon Hahn
Edward Haletky
Simon Hamilton-Wilkes
Russell Hamker
Faisal Hasan
Chestin Hay
Nariaki Heguri
Brian Hestehave
Erik Hinderer
Manfred Hofer
David Holder
Tom Howart
Luke Huckaba
Marc Huppert
Ezzeldin Hussein
Sungho Hwang
Ivaylo Ivanov
MichaŠ Iwa†czuk
Amol Jadhav
Mikael Korsgaard Jensen
Manish Jha
Britton Johnson
Mateja Jovanovic
Mariusz Kaczorek
Steve Kaplan
sandeep kaushik
Brian Kirsch
Robert Kloosterhuis
Brian Knutsson
Thiago Koga
Markus Kraus
Kunal Kumar
Anjani Kumar
Wouter Kursten
Christopher Kusek
Jeffrey Kusters
Aruna Lakmal
William Lam
Matthew Larson
Preston Lasebikan
Matthew Leib
Christopher Lewis
Ariel Liguori
Colin Lynch
Jimmy Mankowitz
Sander Martijn
Kohei Matsumoto
Andrea Mauro
Petr McAllister
Sam McGeown
Paul McSharry
Chris Nakagaki
Masanori Nara
Jason Nash
Karel Novak
Caio Oliveira
Daniel Paluszek
Christian Parker
Manish Patel
Joep Piscaer
Trevor Pott
Brian Ragazzi
Prashant Rangi
Mohamed Rushdi Rizvy
Carlos AndrÕ©s Robles Lascarro
sjors Robroek
Yamato Sakai
Ariel Sanchez Mora
Nicolai Sandager
Marius Sandbu
Yves Sandfort
Pablo Scheri
Nick Scuola
Elver Sena Sosa
Brandon Seymour
Keiran Shelden
Fernando Silva
Dwayne Sinclair
Heino Skov
Eric Sloof
Martijn Smit
Justin Snyder
Anthony Spiteri
John Statt
Christian Strijbos
Kazumi Takata
Lino Telera
Ivan Tresoldi
Johan van Amersfoort
Marco van Baggum
Pascal van de Bor
Viktor van den Berg
Peter van Roosmalen
Matt Vandenbeld
Erik Verbruggen
Robert Verdam
Ian Walker
Go Watanabe
Bayu Wibowo
Steve Wood
Chi Kin Wu
Yasutsugu Yamaguchi
Yoshimasa Yamamoto
David Zhang
Jaroslaw Zielinski
DaniÕ‰l Zuthof