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Thank you to everyone who applied for vExpert. We are pleased to announce the list of 2018 Second Half vExperts. Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

We are on-boarding 223 new vExperts from 41 countries, what shows that the vExpert is a global community and we receive close to 400 applications.

I want to personally thank everyone who applied and point out that a “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a substantial personal platform of influence in those communities.

If you feel like you were not selected in error, that’s entirely possible. The judges may have overlooked or misinterpreted what you wrote in your application. Email us at and we can discuss your situation. We looked at all of the 2018 and some of 2017 activities to determine the voting results.

If you were selected as a vExpert 2018, we will be conducting the on-boarding throughout the next few weeks so hold tight and expect future communication from us soon.

You should now have the “YOU ARE IN” email in your inbox which will explain the entire program and what you need to do to be enrolled in our private vExpert community as well as listed in the vExpert directory. We will use the email address provided in your vExpert application. We will extend the vExpert Reception invite to you for both VMworld US in Las Vegas as well as VMworld Europe in Barcelona. Congratulations to all the vExperts, new and returning.

We’re looking forward to working with you all. Command + F away and find your name if you can’t wait for the welcome email.

Don’t forget to complete your profile at and sign the NDA. This is very important.

If you were not selected, don’t give up. Try to engage more with the community and find a vExpert in your region to mentor and guide you to apply next time.

Corey Romero, and the VMware Social Media & Community Team

Note: The list below are the newly added vExperts only. This is not the complete vExpert list.


Name Country
Gastón Said Argentina
Luciano Delorenzi Argentina
Pablo Aguilar Argentina
Amin Naserpour Australia
Brett Johnson Australia
Claire O’Dwyer Australia
Hal Yaman Australia
Harsha Hosur Australia
Jeff O’Connor Australia
Manny Sidhu Australia
Tim Carman Australia
Wolfgang Taitl Austria
Alain Geenrits Belgium
Frederiek Van Hoornick Belgium
Stijn Depril Belgium
Tom Vallons Belgium
Alexandro Prado Brazil
Anderson Duboc Brazil
Arles Pereira de Ana Brazil
Daniel Mendes Brazil
Diego Bezerra Brazil
Diego Oliveira Brazil
Elizabeth Souza Brazil
Felipe Lacerda Brazil
Felipe Roque Brazil
Giovanni Antonio Mantelli Brazil
Heber Lopes Brazil
João Pedro Carlotto Brazil
Leonardo Ferreira Brazil
Luciano Gomes Brazil
Samuel Nunes da Silva Martinho Brazil
Sandro Caiado Brazil
Thiago Caires Brazil
Thiago Valcesia Brazil
王 亿钟 China
Carlos Andrés Robles Lascarro Colombia
Diego Tunubala Colombia
Pablo Sibaja Costa Rica
Yevgeniy Steblyanko Czech Republic
Jacob Styrup Bang Denmark
Jonas Groth Jakobsen Denmark
Kalle Pihelgas Estonia
Florian Casse France
Johan Gonzalez France
Simon Guyennet France
Timo Sugliani France
Valentin Pourchet France
Alexander Krogloth Germany
Bernhard Tritsch Germany
Christoph Villnow Germany
Daniel Graf Germany
Marcus Schoen Germany
Sascha Goeckel Germany
Stefan Riegel Germany
Thomas Reichenberger Germany
Kai Tik Kwok Hong Kong
Ajay Chanana India
Amal Bhagat India
Atul Srivastava India
Chand Basha Shaik India
Irshad Ali Chowdhary India
Manjunath Murthy India
Mr Pradhuman India
Pratheesh Kumaresan India
Rahul Sharma India
Rahul Tyagi India
Rajeev Kumar India
Rajeev Srikant India
Ravi Verma India
sanjay verma India
Saurabh Heda India
Sidharth Swami India
Venkatesh Sekar India
Vijay Kumar India
Reza Ardaneh Iran
Keith Lee Ireland
Michael Leahy Ireland
Paul Wilk Ireland
Telmo Rodrigues Ireland
nir malik Israel
Ivan Tresoldi Italy
Luca Ortolan Italy
Hideki Uemura Japan
masaaki hatori Japan
Takao Setaka Japan
Wataru Unno Japan
Medet Zhanaidarov Kazakhstan
Jong Keun Hong Korea South
Mohamed Hussein Ahmed Hussein Kuwait
Srinivas Rao Malaysia
Anibal Avelar Mexico
Soe Shar Htet Myanmar
yemyat maung Myanmar
Shree Khanal Nepal
Age Roskam Netherlands
Chris Twiest Netherlands
Denis Rusov Netherlands
Eric van Klaveren Netherlands
ferry Limpens Netherlands
Henry Heres Netherlands
Martijn Smit Netherlands
Martijn Verheij Netherlands
Martin Caarels Netherlands
Mathijs van der Maas Netherlands
Raymond Wiesemann Netherlands
Richard Hofland Netherlands
Richard van Dantzig Netherlands
Sam Vieillard Netherlands
Sander Noordijk Netherlands
Sjaak Bakker Netherlands
Toine Eetgerink Netherlands
Rudi Martinsen Norway
Ermir Hoxhaj Poland
Karol Boguniewicz Poland
Lukasz Zasko Poland
Ehab Shahin Qatar
Rajendra Marlapati Qatar
Razvan Ionescu Romania
Vladimir Eskin Russia
Ahmed Saleh Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Lafeer Mohammed Haniffa Saudi Arabia
Ramy Elsebaiy Saudi Arabia
arun pc Singapore
Charles Chow Singapore
Javier Galvez Spain
Pedro Luis Alfonso Spain
Tony Doval Spain
Magnus Edh Sweden
Dario Dörflinger Switzerland
Diego Holzer Switzerland
Manuel Weisshaar Switzerland
Sebastian Kirsch Switzerland
Tom Lüssi Switzerland
Alexander Kupchinetsky Ukraine
Andrew Bell United Kingdom
Arash Ghazanfari United Kingdom
Chris Tucker United Kingdom
Gareth Lewis United Kingdom
Gary Williams United Kingdom
Gavin Stephens United Kingdom
James King United Kingdom
Kiran Reid United Kingdom
Leon Warren United Kingdom
Martin Campbell United Kingdom
Michele Domanico United Kingdom
Mike Conjoice United Kingdom
Nigel Ramsey United Kingdom
Peter Bladen United Kingdom
Ricardo Adao United Kingdom
Ryan Kowalewski United Kingdom
Sam Walker United Kingdom
Warren Legg United Kingdom
Aditya Krishnan United States
Ariel Davenport United States
Arnaud Pain United States
Bradley Bentley United States
Brandon Bolen United States
Brandon Graves United States
Brandon Mahtani United States
Brett Guarino United States
Brian Owen United States
Bryan Fulton United States
Chris Arceneaux United States
Daniel Boring United States
Daren Stamper United States
Dave Davis United States
Dave Kalaluhi United States
Dave Strum United States
David Jennings United States
David Schwartzstein United States
David Siles United States
Derrick Skipwith United States
diego Izquierdo United States
Donald Rush United States
Donny Lang United States
Edward Duguid United States
Fares Khoury United States
Greg Stuart United States
J Ryan Wall United States
James Walker United States
Jason Hopkins United States
Jason Valentine United States
Jean-Pierre Nsanzabera United States
Jeremy Mayfield United States
Joe Tietz United States
Joey Ware United States
John Nicholson United States
Josh Prine United States
Joshua Stenhouse United States
Juan Gomez United States
Justin Brant United States
Kevin Tebear United States
Kim Delgado United States
Luca Camarda United States
Luis Chanu United States
Luke Hoffer United States
Luke Metz United States
Mark May United States
mark wright United States
Matt Langguth United States
Matt Puthoff United States
Michael Stump United States
Michael Wilson United States
Niran Even-Chen United States
Patrick McGraw United States
Peter Milanese United States
Phillip Jones United States
Phoummala Schmitt United States
Rob Babb United States
Ron Scott-Adams United States
Scott Forehand United States
Shad Williams United States
Shawn Cannon United States
steven slocum United States
Tony Gonzalez United States
Trevor Smith United States
Wes Carroll United States
Will Hochradel United States
Will Payne United States
William Robertson United States
Wissam Mahmassani United States


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