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VMworld 2019: Fusion and Workstation Announcements

At VMworld 2019, Zongmin Li and I took to the stage to present our annual ‘What’s new in Fusion and Workstation’ session, where we share what we’ve been working on and and look ahead on our roadmap a bit.

In this session we made some exciting announcements:

Fusion 11.5 and Workstation 15.5: Free Updates Coming in September

The biggest announcement is about our annual product release. We have a lot of great new features that we’ll be issuing as a free update to existing users, and extending the period for Fusion 8 and Workstation 12 customers to upgrade without having to buy a full ‘new’ license.

So what’s in the releases? Let’s take a look…

Fusion and Workstation Shared Features

  • Jumbo Frame Support
    • Configure the MTU size of your virtual networks (Pro products only)
  • New pvscsi device support
    • More compatibility with vSphere virtual hardware
  • New OS support
    • Windows 10 19H2, Ubuntu 1910, Debian 10.0, RHEL 7.7
  • Local Kubernetes Clusters
  • Performance and Security Bugfixes

Fusion Only Features

  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
    • Host and Guest support
  • Dark Mode and Dark Mode Sync
    • Fusion now goes dark when Dark Mode is enabled on your Mac, and can optionally synchronize this setting with Windows 10 and macOS 10.14+ guest VMs.
  • Sidecar (requires Catalina host)
    • Use Windows on your iPad, wirelessly, with hardware keyboard and Apple Pencil support!

Workstation Only Features

  • Network Config Preservation
    • When upgrading Workstation between major versions, your custom network settings are preserved
  • Network Config Export
    • Export complex network configurations with an easily shareable text file.
  • Multi-Mon Shortcut Key
    • Quickly adjust the layout of your virtual displays.
      • ctrl+shift+m brings up the topology chooser where you then key the number of the corresponding layout you want

And finally, we had one more thing to share…

VMware and Microsoft Hypervisor Platform Collaboration

Closing out the presentation we had “One More Thing” to share, and we brought our friend Ben Armstrong, Product Manager for the Microsoft Windows Hypervisor Platform, on stage to join us in announcing something we’ve been working on for quite some time now.

For the past year we’ve been collaborating closely with Microsoft on the Windows Hypervisor Platform engineering team so that Workstation can co-exist with Hyper-V enabled hosts.

Read more about our collaboration here

We’re very proud of what the engineering teams are delivering this year in Fusion and Workstation, and for the incredible features that have yet to come.


8 thoughts on “VMworld 2019: Fusion and Workstation Announcements

  1. LoKan Sardari

    So there will be no Fusion 12 ? Can you confirm that I can buy a Fusion 11 today, and receive the 11.5 update for free, and that no other version of Fusion will be released ?

    Thank you.

  2. Rafael

    Hi Michael,
    will the free upgrade to VMware 15.5 also be available to users of VMware 14?
    Best Regards Rafael

  3. Thomas Kretzschmar

    Hi Michael,
    will the free upgrade to VMware Fusion Pro 11.5 will also be available to users of VMware Fusion Pro 8 and 10? Or only for users of v11?
    Thank you and regards

  4. mikeb

    This post seems to imply that co-existing with Hyper-V enabled hosts will be in Workstation 15.5. But the linked announcement posts seem to be saying that it’s not ready for release quite yet (so presumably it would be in Workstation 16).

    Can you clarify?

    Also, any hope of a special upgrade offer for Workstation 11?

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      Our apologies for the confusion.
      The feature is not ready for prime-time, and we mentioned this when we did our demo at VMworld. Microsoft has a lot of work to do on the WHP platform APIs, and we have more work to do on the app side.
      We wanted to show that it’s in progress and that we’re working in partnership because folks have been getting anxious about the current lack of support.

      It won’t be ready until next year, and we’ll have a tech preview when we’re ready for broader testing. Current target is spring time for that.

      As for discounts on upgrading from v11, it’s a little too old for upgrade pricing eligibility, but we will be having a sale next week 😉

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