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Fusion Tech Preview 2018 Available for Testing

Fusion Tech Preview 2018

The VMware Fusion team is very excited to announce the VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2018 release!  We would love to hear your feedback about the exciting new features we have been working on.

Cut to the chase and download the latest bits from our Tech Preview Community:
VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2018.

Or from MyVMware directly:


What’s New

DirectX 10.1 – We are excited to introduce DirectX 10.1 support with Fusion 2018 Tech Preview. Using Apple’s Metal technology to render 3D accelerated graphics, support for DirectX 10.1 in Guest VMs introduces several subtle differences over 10.0

DirectX 10.1 delivers the following graphics improvements:

  • Full MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing) support
  • Shader Model 4.1 support
  • Cubemap array support

This enhancement allows users to run games that require DirectX 10.1, and improves performance for DX10.0 games and apps. Test it out and let us know how what you think about the graphics quality and performance.

DirectX 10.1 requires macOS 10.13.0 or above.

macOS Mojave Beta Experimental Support – Fusion Tech Preview 2018 can run on latest macOS 10.14 Mojave beta as Host and a guest OS. Users can run Fusion on a Mac with 10.14 Beta installed, or test out 10.14 by running it in a virtual machine. We currently only support installing using the .app from the Mac App Store. We do not currently support upgrading existing macOS VMs, nor do we support creating a new VM from a 10.14 recovery partition. We know there is some work to be done to support Apple’s latest and greatest, so please share your feedback with us in the Community.

ESXi Host/cluster view when connecting to vCenter – We’ve add a new Hosts and Clusters view when using Workstation to connect to a vCenter Server from Workstation. Users now have visibility to navigate to non-VM objects (ESXi hosts, Resource Pool and vApp) and their respective relationship hierarchy (i.e. Datacenter > Cluster > Resource Pool > vApp). Users can also switch back to the ‘flat’ VM view with a single click.


The all new Application Menu

New Application Menu – This tech preview showcases a new Application Menu that we’ve been testing. This App Menu uses our own REST API to create a whole new experience. The new app menu aims to do what the existing Library Window does. Beyond quickly launching applications within guest, the new Menu Bar App supports:

  • New VM creation
  • Virtual Machine Power Operations
  • Switching from different Views (Unity, Full Screen, Windowed)
  • New contextual search feature for VMs and Windows Apps
  • Display IP, MAC and VM resource allocation (CPU, RAM)
  • Taking Snapshots
  • Opening VM settings


Customize Fusion shortcuts on your touch bar

Customizable Touch Bar Support – Users can now customize the Mac Touch Bar (on supported hardware) to tweak what to appears on your Touch Bar Display. Touch Bar is customizable with new controls for following scenarios:

  • Library Window
  • VM Window

SSH login to Linux VM – Users can now SSH login to Linux VM with a single click. The SSH user/password can be securely remembered so you can easily SSH to the VM without entering password, or configure it to forget and require a password each time.

Once SSH is running in your VM and accessible by username and password, you can quickly open up a terminal session


Resolved Issues:

Bluetooth devices on Mac host get disconnected when you quit Fusion

When you quit Fusion, Bluetooth devices like keyboard, mouse may temporary get disconnected from Mac host.

This issue is resolved.

High battery consumption on Windows 8 and Windows 10 VM

For Window 8 and Window 10 VM, when you toggle following display options:  “Use High Performance Graphics” and “Always use High Performance Graphics”, battery consumption is unexpectedly high.

This issue is resolved.

VM does not work with NAT after High Sierra 10.13.x Update

macOS High Sierra 10.13 may cause VM network connection issues under NAT networking mode.

This issue is resolved.

Known Issues:

Unable to use App Store to upgrade macOS 10.13 or 10.14 VM

Attempting to upgrade macOS to 10.13 or 10.14 via the App Store may fail.

We are working on fix for this issue. Workaround is to manually download latest macOS 10.13 or 10.14 installer .app on the Host, transfer to the VM and upgrade using the image.


We really appreciate your help testing this software. Please share your feedback in our VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2018 community.  We will try to answer any questions that you may have, and we’ll investigate any issues that are raised. We also encourage users to also share other thoughts about how we can improve or enhancements that you would like to see in future releases.

Thank you!

The VMware Fusion Team

14 thoughts on “Fusion Tech Preview 2018 Available for Testing

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  5. Cameron Kay

    Wish we could have virtual GPUs for macOS guest VMs so when I’m testing Mac deployments we could run the software that requires a GPU. But nice to have just so the Mac UI wasn’t so slow in a VM too.

  6. LX

    It would also be nice to have VLAN support… Parallels has had this for years…. VMware Workstation has VLAN support… It would seem like fusion 10 just took away features, fusion 2018/11 preview brings back app menu, and still no parity with workstation….

  7. Robert

    The big things in this release for me are

    1) DirectX 10.1 and
    2) Mojave support

    I hope VMware continues to work on getting DirectX 11 and 12 as these and leveraging the APFS files system capabilities are important.

    I want to thank VMware for free upgrade a while back that they gave everyone… it really built loyalty for VMware and it tanked my opinion of Parallels… I haven’t upgraded it since… I may not have even used it.

    I don’t know why VMware doesn’t highlight their price advantages and the advantage of not being a subcription product… these are huge advantages and ppositives from my perspective as a customer.

  8. Adrian Chan

    Hey, is it still possible to load older versions of the Mac Os like El Capitan using VMFusion with the latest Macbook Pro 2018?

  9. colin edwards

    what I’d like from fusion..
    i’d like it to be small..
    I’d like it to be fast…
    I’d like it not to use kernel extensions.

    what I don’t need from fusion
    a ‘new’ menu.
    windows with ‘tabs’.
    a ‘programmers’ api

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, totally get it.
      Can I ask why Kernel Extensions (or lack thereof) matter to you?

  10. Scott Kramer

    10.1 when there is 12?

    Scrolling is sluggish (chrome 69) —

    APFS aware and able to efficiently backup to TM?!?

    Feels slow on current hardware.

    Don’t release it, or free patch to 10.1.3.

  11. Nutmac

    “SSH login to Linux VM” sounds nice. I would love it if Linux (especially command line only Linux VM) gets “Application Menu” as well, with shortcuts such as “SSH login to Linux VM” and my own local scripts/CLI commands.

  12. R. Nowell

    Now that macOS 10.14.0 (18A389) has been released, when can we expect VMware Fusion 11 to become general release? Although most of my purchases are on hold to pending the elections (if the Dems win I will begin to hunker down and stop spending expecting a decline in the the favorable economic climate… as always comes with the Dems), I remember VMware’s free update when Parallels charged for theirs when there were no changes worthy of a charge. Therefore, I am determined to update to Fusion 11 because I believe VMware did the right thing, that is also why I purchased the higher priced PRO version although I could have got by without it. I feel a loyalty toward those who do the right thing.

    Anyway, that aside, any thoughts on when we can expect to see the GM for 11? I also hope that DirectX 11 will happen before Fusion 12 is released next year and at least DirectX 11.1 will be supported with Fusion 12. Of course I would really like to see DirectX all the way through DirectX 12 supported with next year’s Fusion 12. Thanks for getting Fusion to DirectX 10.1!

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