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Tech Preview 2017 is here!

Time flies when you’re working hard…

It’s been a busy year for us as we’ve been working hard on delivering new compelling features to VMware Fusion.

For many years we’ve enjoyed opening things up a bit to get some feedback on what we’ve been working on, and this year we’ve decided to open that program up again.

In this spirit, it is with great excitement that we announce the availability of VMware Fusion Tech Preview 2017!

This is a free, time-limited release that is aimed at gathering feedback on our direction and progress. We encourage users to grab the build, put it through it’s paces, and let us know in the Discussions where we can do better. While the release is certainly stable, we don’t recommend this on Production systems. Tech Preview builds are exclusively for testing purposes.

What’s in the release?

If you’re an IT Professional or a Developer, we think you’re going to really enjoy what we’ve been working on. We took the time to make some enhancements to existing technology such as our command line ‘vmrun‘ utility with many additional commands, while still working on brand new features like our new REST API.

We’ve made many enhancements to the UI to modernize the look and feel, and added support for TouchBar as well as automated background cleanup tasks.

There’s also a new 3D Rendering engine that leverages Apple’s ‘Metal‘ technology instead of OpenGL on the Host. This has given us improved battery life and more performance in many areas. There are some performance hits as well, so we’re eager to hear about your experiences with both performance and ‘correctness’ of rendering.

On the Networking side of things, we’ve been working on a highly-requested feature of the UI to modify the NAT port forwarding rules, so users can do that now without having to modify text files on the command line. You can also rename networks to be whatever you like so you can easily tell your ‘storage-net’ from ‘vmnet5’.

For folks working with vSphere, check out the new features for interacting with ESXi Hosts. Users can now control host power operations remotely, so you can easily shutdown or reboot a remote ESXi host.

Check it out today

The download is located over on our community page here, and there is a license key that you can use to unlock the functionality of this technical preview.


15 thoughts on “Tech Preview 2017 is here!

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  2. Nick

    Is this suppose to support running on a 10.13 host? any VM I try to boot or even create gives me an error message of “Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to”

  3. Eugenios Zervoudis

    I installed high sierra, but I was never given the option to pick or not APFS. Unfortunately, the installer picked APFS for me.
    Fusion does run on 10.13 and APFS but the VM will give me the message that it cannot find the Boot camp.vmdk. Module ‘Disk’ power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine
    If I try to setup up from the beginning a new VM, the message I get is “VMware Fusion could not find any Boot Camp volumes on this Mac.”
    Any work around would be greatly appreciated

    1. Eugenios Zervoudis

      My issues are not Fusion related but due to the introduction of an additional partition from the installation of Mac OS 10.13 which messed up bootcamp’s hybrid partition table. I restored 10.12.6 and fixed the hybrid partition. Now everything works as expected.

    1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

      For OGL we’re still at OpenGL 3.3. We do have Geometry shaders, but not Compute shaders.

      1. Mike

        What’s the point of using metal if you’re only targeting 3.3? Heck, even the piss poor Apple implementation is at 4.1..

        1. Michael RoyMichael Roy Post author

          The main point is because it gives us room to improve our guest 3D support, whereas with OpenGL we hit the ceiling. Users will get smoother graphics and better battery life with existing VMs, and we have a new runway to innovate inside the VM.

          1. Mike

            So.. you’re doing what exactly then? Some form of Direct3D to Metal? If that’s the case, then what version of DirectX are you targeting?

  4. Ray

    Has there been improvements to USB 3 support (specifically USB-C support on the new MacBook Pros)? As a long time Fusion user I had to switch to Parallels for a recent project that required attaching several external USB-C drives which did not work reliably or at all with Fusion. Guest OS was Windows 10 Creators Update. I would receive errors such as a suitable host controller could not be found.

  5. Mike

    Holy crap, suspending and resuming is night and day in speed compared to v.8. (thank you for improving that)

  6. Henrik Kriisa

    Any news on updating the mesa3d driver to a more recent version for supporting more of the OpenGL versions?

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