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Fusion 8.5.7 Now available with Windows 10 Creators Update support

Team Fusion is proud to announce the availability of VMware Fusion 8.5.7.

A free update for existing users, this release contains bug fixes and adds improved support for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

We also resolved an issue when using git to perform a ‘git clone’ from within virtual machines failing in NAT configurations. Sorry about that one, but thanks for the community’s support in helping us fix it!

You can always grab the latest Fusion by using the Check for Updates features within the app, or by going over to vmware.com/go/getfusion

Fusion 8.5.7 Now Available!


Check out the release notes here:




4 thoughts on “Fusion 8.5.7 Now available with Windows 10 Creators Update support

  1. Charlie Heaps

    I am getting persistent crashes in VMWare Fusion 8.57 when running Windows 7 or Windows 10 on a new 15 inch Macbook Pro with Touchbar. (Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5) The crashes seem to occur most frequently when running MS Office apps (Word and PPT). Sometimes the screen will just freeze for a few seconds and will then recover but with the screen jumbled up, othere times the whole Virtual Machine reports an error and close down. The crashes go away if I disable the “Accelerate 3D graphics” option for the VM. Is this a known issue? Any thoughts? Thanks!

  2. Alexander

    Will you add support for W10 creators update in Fusion 7?

    My Win 10 cannot boot on F7 after the update.

    I haven’t tried in another version of Fusion, so I’m not sure it’s because of Fusion 7. But since this blog post mentions adding support, it makes it sound like there wasn’t support for W10 creators update previously.

  3. Aland Coons

    I updated to Fusion 8.5.8 and Windows 10 1703 (Creator’s Edition) still results in a black screen after login. We cannot open Explorer, Task Manager, System settings or Control Panel. The security menu will open with Ctrl-Alt-Del but the only options that work are reboot and shutdown. I recovered the computer last month by using System Recovery to roll back the last version of Windows 10 but this month there is no recovery point.

  4. Tim

    Just updated to Fusion 10.0.1 and trying to install Windows 10 1703. Using Easy Install results in the startup black screen and spinning balls perpetually going. Using the normal install, I get an error right at startup saying “something has gone wrong” and following that, it is unable to detect the internet from my Mac. However, it does eventually install. Lousy experience for just upgrading to Fusion 10!

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