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VMware Fusion 8.5 Announced!

We’ve been holding in the surprise for some time now but on the keynote stage today at VMworld, Sanjay Poonan, EVP of our End user Computing business unit where Fusion and Workstation are situated, pulled the covers back and revealed the details about our big annual release.

This year we are delivering Fusion 8.5 and Fusion 8.5 Pro, and the big surprise is this: It’s a free upgrade for all current-version customers.  So, if you’re on Fusion 8.1.1, you’re going to be able to upgrade to the latest Fusion with full support for macOS Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary edition, for free. We’ll also be adding Windows Server 2016 support when it comes available.

The release includes support for some interesting macOS Sierra features, including Tabs and Siri support.

This is an exciting release for us because it marks the first time that we have provided a yearly update for no additional cost to current-version customers. We’ve been holding the surprise in for some time, so we’re very excited to finally share this with the world.

We’ve also changed how users can upgrade to the latest release. Users are eligible for upgrade pricing going back to Fusion 4. So, if you have an old Fusion license and haven’t upgraded in a few years, there’s never been a better time.


Tabs! With macOS Sierra, you can now bring all those VM’s into a single window


Hey Siri, Open Microsoft Edge

This also marks the release of VMware Workstation 12.5 Pro and Player editions, which you can read more about here. We expect all 4 products (Fusion, Fusion Pro, Workstation Pro and Workstation Player) to release mid-September.

So if you’re still on Fusion 7 or older, you can upgrade to 8.1.1 today and know that we’ve got your back by making sure you’ll be able to run the latest and greatest from Microsoft and Apple!

22 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 8.5 Announced!

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  6. Jaume

    This is great news, I’m happy to read that Fusion is alive and kicking, I was (and somewhat still am) worried about Fusion’s future after VMware decided to lay off the Fusion/Workstation teams.
    The article has a small typo: Sanjay’s surname is Poonen, not Poonan.

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  10. Phil

    Can you elaborate on the tab support? Tabs work just fine on Parallels 8 (8.1.1 as I write this). Do we no longer need to use Show Tab Bar option? That if there’s only one VM running, tab bar will automatically hide, then reappear when two or more VMs are running?

    Most importantly, when can we expect to upgrade to 8.5?

  11. Jochen


    great news but when will you release it? I read something about September 7th but I did not get any update so far. Fusion does not work correctly under Sierra during beta test.

  12. Wojciech

    It is September 12 now,
    VMWare Fusion 8.1.1 is the only one downloading from your page.
    All VMWare Fusion product description tables list macOS Sierra as supported as both host and guest which is not true till 8.5.

    Whats going on?

  13. Squuiid

    Michael, where’s the download?
    Why announce a product that isn’t ready yet, then state a release date and not even meet that target. Pathetic.

  14. Ferdinand Hagethorn

    Just upgraded to 8.5 pro and I found something interesting.
    8.5 also comes with VMware Tools 10.0.10, which is not yet available for download on the VMware website?

    Anyway, after upgrading to fusion 8.5, don’t forget to do the VMware tools install on your VMs.

  15. colin edwards

    how do you turn of these infernal tabs? i work with multiple full screen VMs i just want to swipe from screen to screen. the mac does that for me… i don’t need tabs! and when can i expect it to start working properly with Win10 Anniversary? currently it keeps crashing when i wake up the machines..

  16. Kevin Pham

    I purchased VMFusion 8.5… and it gives me download options for 8.5 and 8.5PRO… what’s the difference between them two and how in the world do I know which one I paid for?

    When I made the purchase… I didn’t have the option to select 8.5 or PRO.

  17. bahareh

    my sierra mac os has a problem with my vmware fusion 8.5 pro
    my VM can not use my ethernet network bridge configuration they can not get ip from that and i talk with apple support but they say this not related to my apple this problem is related with my vmware fusion 8.5.
    how can i fix this? please help me

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