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Fusion is picking up the tab…

Hah, tab… see what I did there?

Here’s a sneak peek at something we’re very excited about…


One of the new features of macOS Sierra people are talking about has been native tabs for apps, and let me tell you I’m pretty excited about it. Seriously, the folks in our office are probably getting tired of me geeking-out over this by now…

Our users have been asking us for this feature for a while, and we had heard wind that Apple was going to open this up so we didn’t have to figure out a custom implementation. Good things come to those who wait =)

This feature is something I think “other Mac-based virtualization tools” will have a hard time doing…

Part of our design philosophy is to consistently use native UI elements wherever possible. This ethos applies not only to Fusion, but also to Workstation and Player where we have native UI for Linux built on GTK, for example.

In the case of OS X / macOS, we have always had a better time when we implement things that are standard UI elements within the Apple ecosystem. This year our design philosophy really pays off with our ability to natively support multiple running VM’s in a tabbed interface on macOS Sierra.

So, by upgrading to Fusion 8 and macOS Sierra, users will just get this feature by default. Yes, I said Fusion 8 😉

Enabling it is pretty simple, even if it is a little different than how you’re used to opening tabs in Safari or Finder.

With Fusion you need to have 2 or more VMs open (the Library Window does not count).

With the VM window active, go to the Window menu and click ‘Merge All Windows’.



There’s no fancy animation yet, and I expect Apple will probably add that later on.

So for folks using more than 1 VM, this is a pretty exciting feature!

We have more surprises in store for this year’s release, and with VMworld looming we’re getting very excited, and can’t wait to share the news! Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Fusion is picking up the tab…

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  2. Angus Fox

    For the most part o need to be able to see the status and responsiveness of my Linux and macOS VMs so they are all visible on my screen – not sure this will help.

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  5. Fab

    So I used to found Fusion so smart when I could cycle using keyboards shortcuts (Ctrl + Right or Left arrow) in between my VMs in Full screen. But this Tabs view is killing it.
    Oh wait, one will say there is another shortcut to cycle through Tabs in Sierra (Ctrl + Tab or Shift + Ctrl + Tab)…. except that Fusion doesn’t send this to the Mac host unless you are hovering the Menu bar, which is useless in Full screen.
    Thank you for being so proud of braking the habits. Another half-baked support of a feature that serve nothing else than bragging on Twitter.

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