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Fusion 8.1 is available now!

Today we’ve released an update to Fusion 8 and Fusion 8 Pro with version 8.1.

We’ve included a raft of bug fixes in the following areas:

  • Fixes an issues with the Easy Install process misinterpreting Windows 10 Version 1511 ISO images as Windows server 2012 R2 images
  • Resolved an issue where reverse DNS lookup does not work in a virtual machine when a dnsmasq server is installed and configured on the Mac host.
  • Fixed a crashing issue when¬†unplugging a monitor from the Mac when Fusion is in Full Screen view with¬†multiple monitors.
  • Fixed an issue with Microsoft Excel responding to input with a one-second delay
  • Fixed an issue when using USB devices with a virtual machine on an OS X 10.11 host might cause the virtual machine to crash.
  • Fixed an issue when the host and guest non-English language keyboard layout differ when the virtual machine is accessed remotely using VNC.
  • Fixed an issue when a USB Attached SCSI (UAS) device connected to a USB 3.0 port on a Mac OS X 10.9 or later host might fail to successfully connect to the guest.
  • Resolved an issue when copying a large file between a USB storage device and an OS X virtual machine might stall and fail.

This update is free for all Fusion 8 customers.

Full release notes

Direct Download Link


One thought on “Fusion 8.1 is available now!

  1. Herta

    i habe a problem with fusion 8.1. on my imac 27 5k, 32gb ram an intel 4.0ghz after a cupple of days my mac apps won’t start. so if i try to open my safari webbrowser or my mail app the osx 10.11.1 says: “the programm “safari”cannot open”. All programms didn’t work.

    the rainbow cursor is running if i select the vm. no access is possible. but the vms are running well. on fusion running 3 systems: windows 7 pro, 2 x windows 2012 R2, one run as domaincontroller on is my echange server 2013 cu9.

    i must shutdown via rdp on my macbook the vm’s and reboot my imac. on fusion 6.x an osx 10.10.x if got no issues.

    so shall i uninstall fusion and reinstall after boot my mac? has any the same problems??

    thanks herta


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