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Want to upgrade to Fusion 7 from Parallels? We got you covered too!

You may have heard about our exciting Windows 10 launch celebration offer with 10% off Fusion 7 and Fusion 7 Pro, and that we’re giving folks who buy today a free upgrade to the next major release when we ship later this summer.

For Parallels users looking to switch, we have you covered too!

If you have a valid Parallels license key, you can upgrade to VMware Fusion 7 today and get 28% off!

But what’s new is that users who buy between now and our release later this summer will get Fusion 8 for free!

The upgrade will come automatically through the email you use with My VMware ¬†within 48 hours of our release later this summer, so there’s no action required on your part!

So go ahead, get started with VMware Fusion 7 today and feel safe knowing that you’ll automatically get the Fusion 8 when we release later this summer!

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Coming Soon!

11 thoughts on “Want to upgrade to Fusion 7 from Parallels? We got you covered too!

  1. Shane

    I’ve entered my Parallels 9 key but it doesn’t give me the 28% discount offer. Instead it shows a 10% discount.

    Are there any requirements on the Parallels 9 key such as version (9, 10) or key type (retail, upgrade)?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Micahel Roy

    Hi Shane,

    The 10% should be in addition to the value already reduced for Parallels customers.
    The standard price is $69.99, which subtracting 28% is ~ $50, and an additional 10% off brings it down to $44.99.

    Are you seeing a different value than $44.99?

  3. a_m

    I land on the German site and get 17%. But there is no info that I would get a free upgrade to Fusion 8.0. Therefore I am not buying.

    1. Michael Roy Post author

      The free upgrade is worldwide, as it has been every year. The only difference this year is we made it a bit earlier and we pre-announced it to align with the Windows 10 launch, but it is 100% valid worldwide.

  4. George

    Does the free upgrade to 8 apply if I upgrade to 7 today on the UK academic store (for about ¬£38)? It’s not mentioned anywhere there.

  5. Bill Williams

    I’m copying/pasting my Parallels key, copied and pasted directly from my account on the Parallels website, but it’s saying it’s not a valid key. Which version of Parallels is required, the version I have is Parallels 10 upgrade from 9.

  6. Dan

    The upgrade from Parallels is also not working for me on the EU store. I get “The license key you entered is not in the list of eligible keys or you have no eligible keys to filter.”

  7. Jim

    I can’t seem to find the /upgrade from Parallels/ offer for Fusion 8. Have you stopped offering it?
    I’m sick of Parallel’s draconian licensing policies so I want to switch back to Fusion but I only just spent out on the Parallels 11 upgrade.
    I have a Fusion 4 license but that’s not eligible for the upgrade pricing either.


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