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Discover Windows 10 on your Mac today using VMware Fusion 7 with 10% off and a FREE upgrade to VMware Fusion 8

Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft which released today, represents a leap forward from the past.  It’s smarter, faster, more efficient, and makes Windows look better than ever.  For some it may not be as amazing as OS X of course, but as far as Windows goes it’s the best version yet.

Thanks to VMware Fusion 7, Mac users can rejoice knowing they haven’t been left out of the loop by running Windows 10 as a virtual machine on their Macs.  Whether you’re upgrading an existing Windows 7 or 8 virtual machine, or installing from scratch for that fresh, new-operating-system experience, VMware Fusion 7 lets you discover all of the latest features that Windows 10 has to offer, right from the comfort of your Mac.


To celebrate the Windows 10 release, we’re giving a 10% discount and a free upgrade to VMware Fusion 8 (or 8 Pro) for anyone that buys or upgrades to VMware Fusion 7 (or 7 Pro) from today onwards!

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Take 10% off today when you buy or upgrade to the current release of Fusion 7 or Fusion 7 Pro and automatically receive a FREE upgrade to Fusion 8 or Fusion 8 Pro once they release later this summer.


We’re really excited about our next major releases, and have been hard at work putting the finishing polishes on the next big versions of Fusion and Fusion Pro with over 50 and 60 new features respectively!


Buy or Upgrade to Fusion 7 or Fusion 7 Pro now!


Windows 10 and Cortana

Windows 10 and Cortana


28 thoughts on “Discover Windows 10 on your Mac today using VMware Fusion 7 with 10% off and a FREE upgrade to VMware Fusion 8

  1. Chris K.

    Please put this information on the main Web site (it is great news) so that people do not have to endure your call center which seems never to have heard of Windows 10. I found this information by accident in the blog while waiting on hold for the call center to figure out whether or not there was such a thing as Windows 10 and whether or not VMWare had heard about it or not!

    1. Steve

      Are you still offering a 28% discount for Parallels users? If so, could you do a blog post providing details? The fact that VMWare has one license per user for domestic use and Parallels one license per machine is a big deal. I suspect many Parallels users will be interested in changing to VMWare fusion 8 instead of paying for an upgrade to Parallels 11.

  2. Ken Lea

    Problem with this is that currently you can’t install Windows 10 in Fusion Pro 7.1.2 as there is an issue with a vmWare video driver.

    1. Andreas

      VMWare Fusion 7.1.2 can’t deal with Win10 on a MacBook Pro 15″ Retina (Mid 2014). Max. Resolution will be 1152×864, even with uninstalled WMWare-Tools to use the windows graphic driver…

  3. John

    I just upgraded today to Fusion 7 before seeing this promo. How do I take advantage? Also, My VMWare has been down all day. What gives?

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  7. Ryan

    I cannot upgrade the VMWare Tools in Windows 10 on Fusion Pro 7.1.2. I get an error message whenever I try to upgrade them that the installer is on a Network volume and I need to browse for the tools.

  8. Craig

    We upgraded last Friday to windows 10 on a MacBook Pro and its gone horribly wrong. Speaking to support they can’t see why Fusion 7 Pro is not working. To make matters worse support have disappeared from site making it worse playing around. Now leaving with our one tool that connects to our control centre stuffed. Come on VMware sort your support paying clients not getting any service at all?

  9. James Ford

    I have tried all the ways possible but cannot upgrade Win 7 Pro to Win 10. The problem is with the aforementioned video driver. Once the upgrade fails when one the first reboot after applying the upgrade..

    The one good thing is it does not prevent Win 7 from running.

  10. Julius Smith

    Windows 10 runs under VMware Fusion 7.1.2 on my MacBook Pro Retina mid-2012, but folder sharing does not work at all. There is no trace of \\vmware-host\Shared Folders\ on the network from Win10’s viewpoint, even after disabling the firewall, opening up permissions completely in all directions, reinstalling VMware Tools, rebooting many times, etc.

    1. Aaron M

      Did you ever figure this out? I can access the Shared Folders using the shortcut on the desktop. However, you cannot discover vmware-host under Network, access it directly by typing it in Explorer, and you cannot create a Map Drive to that location. I’ve tried all of the options I can find, but none have worked.


  11. James Fountain

    Installed Fusion 8 on an imac. Still cannot get Windows 10 to download. Am prevented by an “Unfortunately…” message about the monitor.

  12. Rob Halliday


    So, I purchased Fusion 7 as per this offer, on the understanding that I would be upgraded to Fusion 8 on its launch at no extra charge.

    Trouble is now any route I find to upgrade to Fusion 8 wants to charge me money.

    How do I upgrade for free, as promised at the time of purchase?



    1. Michael Roy Post author

      Hi Rob,

      You should be getting an email shortly if you bought Fusion from our eStore.
      There should be no action required to get the email so long as you purchased after July 29th.
      The email will have instructions on how to upgrade your existing license. The batch has been started to send those out, so if you haven’t gotten it by Monday please email me and we’ll look into it.
      mroy at vmware dot com

  13. Paul OOi

    Would I be able to get free upgrade to Fusion 8 Pro too? I just bought Fusion 7 Pro (Mar 15) and running Windows 10 really really slow. even though I’ve assigned 8G memory for the VM 🙁

  14. Ben Parkes

    Windows 10 runs horribly on the latest macbook air with cinema display. I’ve tried everything and it’s still a monstrosity to run. When are we expected to get a working video driver?

  15. Thomas

    Problem installing retail version of Windows 10
    I would like to install windows 10 “clean” in a new virtual machine on my iMac late 2012. Have been running XP until now and purchased the retail version of Windows 10 on a USB Flash drive.
    I can see the USB stick, but not initiate an install from it. all files incl setup.exe are grey. Need help!


  16. Brian Noyes

    Windows 10 has been running horribly slow for me on my MacBook Pro Retina 15″ with VMware Fusion 7 and 8. I’ve been doing Fusion VMs on this machine with Windows 8 and 8.1 for the last couple years and the performance has been fantastic and has been the #1 reason I justify running Fusion to Parallels users who ask why I don’t run Parallels. Now the roles have reversed and I can’t tolerate running Window 10 VM. Everything from boot up, to mouse movement, to rendering windows feels like I am logged in to a remote machine with Remote Desktop over a slow modem.

    I bought Parallels and set up a new Windows 10 VM there and it runs as seamlessly as my Windows 8/8.1 VMs did previously (and still do) on this machine with Fusion. If anyone has any ideas what might be wrong I’d love to know. But at this point VMware has lost me as a customer to Parallels because of this.

    1. Michael Roy Post author

      I would recommend contacting our Support team at desktop-services@vmware.com. There are many factors which can impact performance, so we’d want to investigate.

      Obviously we don’t ship a product that performs like this in a default setup, so there must be something going on, and we can help with to bring things back to how you expect them to perform.

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