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Graphics Performance Issues when Running OS X Yosemite in a VM

VMware Fusion users running OS X Yosemite in a Fusion virtual machine have reported graphics performance issues, especially in comparison to running previous OS X versions in a Fusion VM.

Yosemite VM on YosemiteThe Fusion engineering team identified the root cause as an issue with beam synchronization, which Apple introduced in 2007 to improve screen redraw and window management in OS X.

We’re working hard to deliver a fix. Until the fix is released, here’s a customer-suggested workaround  to temporarily disable beam synchronization. Making this configuration change will significantly improve graphics performance when running OS X Yosemite in a Fusion VM.

Thanks to @rtrouton for his blog post on the subject, and many thanks to VMware Fusion users for your support and patience while we work on this fix.

Best wishes for 2015!

–The VMware Fusion Team


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About Nannette Vilushis

Nannette is Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMware Fusion. Her background includes product marketing roles at IBM and Sage Software.

9 thoughts on “Graphics Performance Issues when Running OS X Yosemite in a VM

  1. Paul Nielsen

    VM Fusion Version 7.1.0 (2314774) is horrible on Yosemite and 15″ MBPr. The native resolution is often not even an option. Please spend a few days actually using Fusion 7.1. on MBPr with Yosemite, you’ll see that it’s a huge issue and needs to be fixed.

  2. geoteg

    I agree, its almost close to a month and such a major issue has not yet been fixed yet.

  3. geoteg

    Parallels seems to run fine on my macbook pro 13 inch mid 2012. I think i would have to switch back to parallels for good if Vmware can’t fix its issue in time.

  4. Vasil


    Any follow up on the issue? It looks like beam synchronization is not fixed in latest 7.1.1. Any idea on what release do you plan to include the fix in?

  5. Jerry G

    Still no fix on this? You’re really disappointing a bunch of people on this and making yourselves look bad.

  6. Brad

    Honestly, thanks VMware for being ok with publishing a customer fix. It’a Universal truth that people will never be satisfied, but, problem= slow graphics, solution,=customer fix. Who cares where it came from, it works great and until you have a supported fix, I’ll use it happily.

    1. Dominus

      It doesn’t matter which version of Mac OS or VMware I use on my iMac desktop, the graphics performance has always been abysmal. Just much worse with Yosemite.

  7. Sim Gee

    It’s nice that the reported graphics performance issues has been noted. What a shame there is still no update to fix the problem.
    We are in April now. why so long? Can someone at least, let us know some time frame please?

  8. Justen Dyche

    This is really crippling my workflow – it’s going to be 6 months with no action.
    I have several Fusion Licenses but you are forcing me to dump them and move to Parallels.
    I will be raising a ticket with you for refund of license cost as the product is not fit for advertised use – happy to give you time to fix an issue but more than 6 months later and there is no action despite promises at the start of the year – abysmal.


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