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VMware Fusion 7.1.0 Update

On December 1st we released VMware Fusion 7.1.0, a maintenance release. This update is recommended for all users of VMware Fusion 7 and Fusion 7 Pro.

To download VMware Fusion 7.1.0, open VMware Fusion and select VMware Fusion > Check for Updates.

For more details on Fusion 7.1.0, read the Release Notes.

Thanks to the Fusion customers reporting VMware Fusion 7 issues to Fusion Support and discussing them with the VMware Fusion Community.

-The VMware Fusion Team

17 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 7.1.0 Update

  1. Stephanie Piko

    I just happened to need to rebuild a virtual windows machine today. Purchased 7.1 a couple of hours ago.. It’s not working .. Will not set up a new machine or run an older VM fusion 4.0 machine.

    Bad timing for me.. I hope you can fix.

  2. DCK

    Ugh… I finally decided to upgrade to Yosemite… then found that the old VMFusion was not working with the new system… After upgrading to 7.0 I was back in business…. But then today, I upgraded to 7.1 which seems to have caused EXTREMELY slow VM PC machines (XP and Windows 7) They hang at startup, and basically work very slowly. I increased the size of the virtual hard drives, to no avail. Please let us go back to 7.0…. or fix 7.1!

    1. DCK

      Followup… reinstalled 7.01. from disk image downloaded two days ago and all virtual PCs are again working without the “stuttering” that was occurring on 7.1.0

    2. Paul

      I have the same problem, it is sooooo slow, I can’t work. Increased cores and memory as well. No luck. I run WMFusion 7.1.0 on latest Mac Yosemite 🙁

  3. KS

    I can’t stand the windows VMs attempting to login with my MAC credentials – how can I disable this?

  4. John O.

    When downloading and installing Fusion on Mac update to 7.1.0 from 7.0.1 get this message:

    “Software update internal client error
    Contact VMware Support or your system administrator.”

    giving me no clue on how to resolve as any search on this error finds nothing.

      1. si

        I have the same issue, please do NOT tell me to raise a request on the website as I seem unable to do so, even though when being sold the product website informed me I would be able to do just that. Extremely painful process.


        What is the solution to this error?

        1. Thomas Müller

          Had the same problem. After deactivating my antivirus software, the update process worked fine.

  5. Irel Mattola

    Hi Guys,

    i just upgraded vmware on my macbook to 7.1.1 version. After upgrade to this version, folder sharing between MAC and Windows being accessible.
    Also i can’t copy paste from Mac to Win or Win to Mac. Do someone here have some solution for this problem?

    Thanks, Irel

  6. JD

    Same here with copy paste. Worked fine prior to 7.1.2 upgrade. Now it’s horked. Anyone have luck with a fix?

  7. Andrew G

    You guys are not on your own. Same issue. After upgrading to 7.1.2 ; unable to copy and paste – and once again work just fine before the upgrade!!!! Hopefully a fix is out there somewhere.

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