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VMware Fusion 7 and VMware Fusion 7 Pro Available Today!

57 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 7 and VMware Fusion 7 Pro Available Today!

  1. Stuart

    It’s great that you’ve released another version of Fusion but it is becoming extremely expensive to keep up-to-date with these annual releases! And this years upgrading pricing is even more expensive than last year! It would be nice if vmware would consider adding support for Apple’s (free!) annual OS X updates in a point release of Fusion instead of releasing a completely separate version of Fusion every year. Apple’s new OS X upgrade strategy seems to have turned in to a money-spinner for vmware and Parallels!

    I’ve now purchased 6 different releases of Fusion over the last few years. I’ve spent hundreds of £s on your software for very few actual new features – mostly just to remain compatible with new OS X updates. How about you move to an every other year upgrade cycle so you support at least one new OS X release in the current version of Fusion – for free – before forcing your users to pay for yet another upgrade.

  2. Stewart Grainger

    I like to keep up-to-date but when I click the $49.99 for the upgrade, the price only shows £49.99 for both the pro and standard version, but at the current exchange rates below the price of the standard version should be about £30.00, please can you update the price so people are buying at the correct price, I only use the standard features.

    Current Exchange Rate:
    1 British Pound Sterling equals
    1.65 US Dollar

    1. Nannette Vilushis Post author

      Thanks for your post. The UK page in the VMware online store has been updated. Our apologies for the confusion, and thank you for your patience.

      The VMware Fusion Team

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  4. Zack

    Having been in IT for 20 years and having used/purchased VMware Fusion for 4 years. I have to say, it really feels like you’re taking advantage of existing customers with your high priced annual upgrades. Most annual software and support renewals are typically 20-30% of the original purchase price, whereas your upgrade prices are over 50%. That’s ridiculous!

  5. Julian Fricker

    I’m having the same issue as Stewart.

    The price for the standard version on the Uk site is £49.94, when I choose upgrade it stays at £49.94, even after I confirm my account and serial number, it’s £49.94, where’s the upgrade discount?

    On the pro version going from full to upgrade changes the price from £104.95 to £49.94.

    Could you fix this as VMWare being incompatible with Mavericks was the only thing stopping me from installing the latest Beta.

    1. Nannette Vilushis Post author

      Thanks for your post. The UK page in the VMware online store has been updated. Our apologies for the confusion, and thank you for your patience.

      The VMware Fusion Team

  6. Fred

    I just bought Fusion 6.0 Professional on June 18th and today found out there’s yet another new version with hefty upgrade charge. I don’t get reimbursed by a company, this is coming out of my wallet. Had I known that a new version was coming out I’d have waited. Time to make a change in how I do things. A change that doesn’t include Fusion.

    1. shane

      I purchased Fusion 6.0 Pro on June 3rd for $129.99 (order number 9142359036). While I don’t mind paying for new features and ongoing development to support new host OS’s i would sure appreciate an upgrade path that acknowledged my recent purchase. I too would have waited and spent just $20 more to get Fusion 7 Pro, but now the upgrade is $79.99. Something like within 2 months: free upgrade, within 6 months: $39.99 upgrade, would seem more reasonable; although to be fair… the features and OS support are worth the full upgrade price to me.

  7. Sorrel

    The UK pricing is wrong (I hope). It’s the same price for an upgrade to VM Fusion 7 as a new copy: both at £49.94. The Euro price is reduced for an upgrade.

    1. Nannette Vilushis Post author

      Thanks for your post. The UK page in the VMware online store has been updated. Our apologies for the confusion, and thank you for your patience.

      The VMware Fusion Team

  8. Julian Fricker

    We now have the reduced price for the UK but it’s a joke, £37.95, that’s what we get for supporting them each year, a 25% discount.

    They know we’ll have to upgrade as VMWare 6 isn’t compatible with Yosemite.

  9. James Crowe

    I also have to purchase VMWare Fusion Professional for work, out of my own pocket (and I can see why!). I’m getting quite frustrated by the countless paid upgrades, which I am almost forced into every time Apple releases a new OS. I guess VMware is now a subscription product at £50 – £60 per year, seemingly increasing by the year!

  10. Dee M.

    I paid $69 to upgrade to Fusion 6.0 Pro last year, now it’s even more expensive to upgrade this time around. Can you either make this an actual subscription product where I can buy *multiple* years worth of upgrades in advance at a discount or make annual upgrades cheaper for loyal, continued personal-use customers? At these prices, I’m now considering switching to a different VM software solution for personal use.

    Thanks for listening.

  11. David

    Well, I ponied your ransomed upgrade for Pro 7 for $80.00 for the only feature I wanted. Direct GPU acceleration on my Macbook Pro with two graphic processors (GPU Nvidia 330 and Intel graphic) choice. However, there is no documentation to tell you how to enable it. There is no “help” search for GPU. When I go to register the key to log a support issue it tells me that it’s invalid according to your system… I’ll check to see if you have a 30 day money back guarantee as I’m looking to return this if I can’t get my GPU operating in Windows 8 directly.

  12. Noah

    Does Fusion 7 include better Snow Leopard drivers for audio & Video? That alone would be worth the price of upgrade for those of use that need Rosetta.

  13. Garry Sykes

    I can only echo what everyone else is saying. Sorry VMWare, but by any standards you are ripping your loyal customers off with the yearly upgrade price. I think Bootcamp may be my best option now as I’m not prepared to continue with this after 6 version upgrades.
    Bye Bye

    1. christianclarke

      100% agree … I like VMWare .. but they’re way of ripping off customers is disgraceful. Especially when there is NO technical reason why they do it except to line they’re own pockets. Virtual Box is free. I’ve completely uninstalled VMware from my Mac since upgrading to OS X Yosemite.

      Up yours VMWare. I don’t like being screwed over. It won’t be long however, until VMWare will probably patch they’re software so you can no longer migrate away from it to Virtual Box. There is a handy tutorial on the how-to. I’d post it, but the moderators will likely remove this post anyway.

  14. DC

    Purchased version 6 less than a year, and now customers have to pay for an upgrade? I agree with everyone time to switch solutions.

  15. TM

    Not happy about this. I just purchased version 6 two months ago. And now I should pay for an upgrade for version 7? Feels like I’ve been cheated.

  16. Egil Andre

    I bought Vmware Fusion 6 this summer, and have their workstation 10 for windows as well.
    This is becoming far too expensive VmWare, you really should give your trusted customers more discount than this.

    Vmware should give coupons to their customer that bought the later version this year.
    A 50% discount on the upgrade!

    I will buy this upgrade, because I have to, but mark my words…If this is your new trend Vmware, then I will start to look at alternatives out there!

  17. Jon Presti

    I agree with the sentiment here. I would also like to gloat that I just upgraded to 6 and got a free upgrade to 7 based on the 2 month technology guarantee program. whew… I lucked out. Maybe I should get a lotto ticket before this day ends…

  18. Arturo

    Funny thing that I came here with the same complain that most of the people, the upgrade price is ridiculous, honestly :/

    I guess I can try to wait for a discount but I haven’t noticed one in a long time so I’ll just probably keep my old version instead of paying $50 yearly for a new version.

  19. James

    I’ll just put this out there, how about you guys reduce the price to $35 or something? Apple is giving the OS update away, and while that’s not your business plan I understand, it’s really crappy for us who need to upgrade. I do end user IT support and I have to upgrade all this stuff ASAP. I’m sorry, but $50 is a lot when I just bought the program like 4 or 5 months ago.

  20. Bruce Glassford

    * Does the Pro version still include the VMWare player for Windows license?

    * The way the announcement is worded, it sounds like the Fusion Pro is needed for any non-Windows guest OS – is that the case?

    1. J.H.

      I’d also like to know wether the Player Pro license is still included in VMWare Fusion 7 Pro. Anyone care to reply?

  21. Thong Nguyen

    Updated from VMWare Fusion 6 to VMWare Fusion 7 Pro running on a rMBP. The graphics in Windows 7 is not super slow. Tried all the settings and reinstalling the VMWare tools to no avail.

  22. Karen

    Another unhappy customer! I too purchased Version 6 Pro in June this year but now find you have released Version 7….. I just can’t afford to upgrade yet again but will be upgrading to the free OSX from Apple soon. I guess I will have to change to Parallels instead……..

  23. Nelis

    To echo the sentiments of all those who have paid for previous versions and now want to upgrade: Your Upgrade Pricing is Ridiculous !

    …especially considering the small number of changes made. If I don’t see a discounted price on upgrading between now and the end of year I’m taking my money elsewhere. I buy Fusion on my own personal capacity even though my company spends hundreds of thousands in licensing VMWare products. It is this kind of upgrade pricing policy that will force me to find cheaper alternatives in future for both me and my company.

  24. Steve

    Looks like I won’t be renewing my VMware Fusion or purchasing their products anymore. You’ve ripped me off for the last time. A former loyal VMware customer.

  25. J Cohen

    I am about to purchase a new Mac. Have not yet decided to go Macbook pro or iMac as this is for all Graphic design. Regardless i want to use windows graphics programs as I have just had better success with them.

    so my questions are 1) If I buy the newest VM Ware Version 7 it says it is compatible with Yosemite which is not yet available so in the meantime will it work with the Mac Mavericks OS?

    Second will the VM Ware Version 7 both before upgrading to Yosemite work with windows 7??

    I am not a fan of windows 8 and will not be using it.

    Please provide any insight.


      1. Bob

        Just be prepared to have VMWare hold you hostage for ridiculously priced upgrades from one version to the next. You’ll HAVE to upgrade too – the previous version will stop working for some reason – maybe an OSX upgrade.

        More than $70 for an upgrade from v6 to v7 is highway robbery. Until VMWare pulls their collective heads out of their a$$e$ (dollar signs a ironic replacement there) – I urge you all to look into and use VirtualBox if it meets your virtualization needs. https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

        I would happily pay upgrade prices if they were reasonable and I didn’t need to do it. Every. Single. Year. This year – it would end up being twice in one year for me. I refuse to pay to use this ransomware any longer until pricing is adjusted to a reasonable amount.

  26. sam

    i jus upgraded last year to Vmware Fusion 6 .. A couple of years ago i left Parales because they where driving my crazy with updates each year.

    so i hope that Vmware will not drive here loyal customers away with updates each year costing us €70 that’s over $140 per jr..

    if it doesn’t seem like a great deal i have to switch to alternatives…..Will see how it goes..
    can’t find a discount code so i guess i won’t be upgrading and looking at different options…

    with regard sam..

  27. Mike

    I also just purchased vmware fusion earlier this year. Would be nice to have a better upgrade path. I like how vmware has decided to completely ignore us though. Maybe I should have gone with parallels.

  28. Nos Doughty

    Man, another extremely expensive upgrade to run on Yosemite. I agree with the others, this is ridiculous. a) It’s outrageously expensive, b) there’s no difference between upgrading from a copy from years ago to one made in the last 12 months, and c) why are we paying for an upgrade to be able to run on an updated OSX every year anyway? It’s just too much. I’m going to see how vitualbox is getting on before I come pack to put down the money for this years ransomware release.

    1. Marc

      Totally agree! I bought it around the same time. At least VMware could have warned me the new version was coming. And why require a new version with each Mac OS X release? Now OS X is free, but it costs me the same because of this stupid upgrade ripoff policy.

  29. Nick

    Add me to the list of unhappy customers who are shelling out cash annually for a product that’s inferior to the free Windows version. This is ridiculous. I am not upgrading.

  30. Tim

    Another unhappy customer here! I just purchased my version 6 on May 30 and now it just don’t allow me to launch the program under the official Yosemite.

  31. Renato Machado



    SAD! VERY SAD!!!

  32. Peter

    Purchased Fusion 6 on July 29th – Missed the free upgrade by 2 days. From what I can read, Fusion 6 is not fully compatible with Yosemite. So do I spring for a nearly full price “upgrade” to 7 and take the risk that I lose compatibiltiy again in a few months?

    1. Andy

      Don’t spend any more money on VM Ware Fusion would by my recommendation. I purchased on July 6th and got burned the same way. When I called to complain, the customer support rep basically said sorry, there is nothing we can do, “We upgrade our products in August or September every year” as if I should have known this and not purchased in July. I pointed out that they obviously knew an upgrade was coming, but went ahead and took my money anyway. I will not be upgrading or purchasing an VMWare products going forward.

  33. Norton Nealson

    I’m reading many complaints about the small discount for upgrading and nothing for those who just purchased the previous version within a month of the new release. I understand these complaints but if you want something else to complain about then wait until you do upgrade and then experience poor performance. VMWare loves to tell us how shiny and powerful each new version is but it is all marketing. Fusion 7 suffers from poor graphics performance and is not worth the upgrade. Unfortunately for those of us who upgraded our OS and then have to upgrade Fusion because the older Fusion does not work… well we are stuck giving VMWare money for what feels like nothing in return.

  34. G M

    I bought fusion less than 18 months ago when I bought my mac, and now VMWare wants me to pay you more to run the “free” yosemite” version from Apple. This is a rip-off.

    I do understand VMware are in the business to make profits. But there is a point at which it feels like a rip-off. I would not mind if I have to upgrade every 3 years (about the time I upgrade my computer). Or have a reasonable upgrade price.

    If you are another customer who is unhappy with this rip-off, please do not just give-up. I encourage you to write about this rip-off on this site and on amazon as well. Let people hear about this loot.

  35. Kent

    Let me join the chorus. Not happy that I apparently must pay for an upgrade to Fusion 7 to run Yosemite after paying for Fusion 6 less than a year ago to run Mavericks. It’s unclear to me if Fusion 6 is fully compatible with Yosemite…

  36. Dr Andrew Taylor

    Has anyone from VMWare addressed the group irritation at the upgrade prices, and their willingness to accept payment in June to upgrade to 6 knowing that 7 would cost a great deal, only a few months later? MEANWHILE 6 IS WORKING FINE FOR ME WITH YOSEMITE.

  37. Tom

    I didn’t realize until AFTER I upgraded to Yosemite that VMware Fusion 5.x doesn’t work any longer. The discounted upgrade pricing is now long gone, and I feel like I got ripped off. The ‘new’ features in Fusion 7 don’t warrant the $49 upgrade price in my opinion. I also read the Fusion 7 has ‘issues’ which makes me even less willing to give VMware another $49 and subsequently run into the bugs everyone reported. Goodbye VMware, it was a fun 10+ years ride with your VMware workstation, fusion and server solutions.

  38. Alan

    I agree with everyone else. I like the product, but frankly, it’s just not worth the ridiculous upgrade price every year. $20? Sure, I’d do that. As of now, I’m on Yosemite, and using your product is a thing of the past. On to other things.

  39. Jim

    I won’t pile on and comment on the cost of upgrade. I’m been with VMware Fusion since the beginning, How about posting the release date and typical life cycle so at least everyone can make a better decision about upgrading or waiting to upgrade. Something like macrumors does. Days since last release, average and recent releases. I’m sure you know we are your loyal customers. http://buyersguide.macrumors.com

  40. Jim

    Please consider posting this on your VM Fusion page to help your loyal customers make a sound decision before purchasing an upgrade of Fusion OR consider offering free full version upgrades for 365 days of purchase. Thanks.

    7.0 September 3, 2014 365 days
    6.0 September 3, 2013 277 days
    5.0 August 23, 2012 344 days
    4.0 September 14, 2011 687 days
    3.0 October 27, 2009 410 days
    2.0 September 12, 2008 403 days
    1.0 August 6, 2007


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