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VMware Fusion Technology Preview July 2014

Today the VMware Fusion team is providing public access to the VMware Fusion Technology Preview July 2014. This Tech Preview adds new features not included in the Technology Preview May 2014. We would like to get feedback from individuals using a wide range of hardware and software configurations.

The VMware Fusion Technology Preview July 2014 includes:

  • New virtual Hardware Version 11. (Virtual Machine > Settings > Compatibility)
  • New icons in the library show state of virtual machines in the list view
  • Support for configuring the amount of graphics memory for each virtual machine. (Virtual Machine > Settings > Display)
  • Configure the use of integrated or discrete graphics cards on Mac Book Pros with more than one GPU.
  • Updated support multi-monitor configurations where one monitor is a Retina-class display.
  • Ability to configure a per-virtual machine hot-key combination (Virtual Machine > Settings > Keyboard & Mouse)
  • Improved support for prerelease versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • New VMware Tools installation method for Windows 8 virtual machines, using USB CD virtual device.
  • NEW– Support for viewing VMware Fusion Professional on VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere servers in the library (File > Connect to Server)
  • NEW– Ability to remotely control VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere virtual machines
  • NEW– Improved support for unreleased versions of Mac OS X
  • NEW– Ability to share iSight camera between the host and guest operating system

Additional details and the VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2 July 2014 download are available HERE from the VMware Fusion Community.

As with the Technology Preview May 2014, please post all of your feedback in the VMware Workstation Fusion Preview 2014 Community forum.  Our Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Support Teams, Technical Writers, Product Marketing Managers, and Product Managers will continue to follow the forum to ensure that we collect your suggestions and comments.

Many thanks for helping us to improve VMware Fusion.

The VMware Fusion Team

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About Nannette Vilushis

Nannette is Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMware Fusion. Her background includes product marketing roles at IBM and Sage Software.

15 thoughts on “VMware Fusion Technology Preview July 2014

  1. Camilo Aguilar (@c4milo)

    This is great news, thank you!

    Any updates on the VIX side worth mentioning?

  2. Brian Radwanski

    Where has the networking.conf file gone? It does’t appear in /Library/Preferences/VMware or further down the tree as it was in 6 and 5.

    1. Bhasker


      It’ll show up once you start the VM. I believe another change is that extension is gone.
      It’s just /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/networking


  3. Bhasker

    Dear Fusion Team and Community,

    Fusion 7 looks good but am running into issue with my MacBook Pro (Late 2013) that iSight only works once inside the guest with Skype per boot of the guest OS. i.e. After a video call I need to shutdown my Win7 guest and boot it again for the next video call.
    Does not work at all with Microsoft Lync and CyberLink YouCam.

    I’d like to collect necessary logs and report this issue. I’ve already collected logs from host using ‘VMware Fusion Problem Reporter.tool’.
    What else can I collect from the guest to make my bug report useful?


    1. Bo Fu

      Hi Bhasker,

      Thank you trying out the Tech Preview version and providing feedback! To collect more log, in the you can go to Help -> Collect Support Information, and once you done it, a log zip file will be generated on your desktop. Report the bug to the TP forum (https://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/fusion/vmware-fusion-technology-preview-2014) will be appreciated, you can attached the log to the post in the forum.


      1. Bhasker

        Thanks Bo!

  4. rahul


  5. paul

    Question: Is every virtual machine intended to run with debugging enabled while using this preview? Both a Bootcamp version of Win 8.1 I created with the preview and my machines from fusion 5 are doing this.

    1. Bo Fu

      Yes, this Tech Preview version has debugging mode turned on so all VMs will be running in this mode, the reason to do so is that the support data collected when you run into any issue would be more comprehensive and benefits the dev to track down the problem.

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  7. Harvey Greenberg

    Is there a support forum where I can ask a (newbie) question? I use VM Fusion to have ms windows as a desktop on my mac. Can I make an image backup of my entire mac using VM Fusion? (i.e., if I crash I can restore everything without new installations.)

    1. Nannette Vilushis Post author

      Yes, VMware Fusion does have a Community Forum where you can post questions. Check it out here: https://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/fusion

      Thank you for your interest in Fusion!

      –the VMware Fusion Team

  8. Doniel

    Does new Fusion support 3D acceleration finally?
    Or it is same laggy slideshow like Fusion 6 can produce?

  9. Fabio Dalle Ave

    Is it possible to share Windows VMs between VMWare Fusion and the linux version of VMWare Player without having to reactivate Windows when switching between the two?

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