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VMware Fusion 6 and OS X Mavericks: the perfect combo!

Today Apple announced the immediate availability of OS X Mavericks and we could not be happier to report that VMware Fusion 6 runs smoothly!

VMware Fusion 6 and Fusion 6 Professional also provide support for new OS X Mavericks capabilities:

  • Mavericks multiple display support: Windows and Mac desktops displayed simultaneously in separate displays—just swipe to move between them
  • Display your Windows environment on your HDTV via AirPlay using an Apple TV
  • Run OS X Mavericks as a virtual machine
  • Create OS X Mavericks virtual machines directly from the OS X Recovery Partition
  • Add Windows files to Finder tabs (when using the Fusion Shared Folders feature)
  • Tag Windows files (when using the Fusion Shared Folders feature)

In addition, VMware Fusion 6 and Fusion 6 Professional support dictation for Windows applications, including Mavericks enhanced dictation for Macs not connected to the Internet.

VMware Fusion 6 and Fusion 6 Professional also pair nicely with the newly announced Macs:

  • Optional font size adjustment for an even crisper Windows environments on Retina display Macs
  • Updated virtualization engine that can support up to 16 vCPUs and 64GB of RAM per virtual machine.
  • Up to 25% faster performance (compared with Fusion 5) when running Windows 7

We hope you enjoy Mavericks and Fusion 6! Feel free to drop us a line below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

To buy or upgrade to VMware Fusion 6, click here.

To buy or upgrade to VMware Fusion 6 Professional, click here.

To try VMware Fusion 6 or VMware Fusion 6 Professional for 30 days, click here for Fusion 6 and here for Fusion 6 Professional.

The Fusion Team


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  1. hello,
    I am trying to understand what are the differences between the two versions. Is there a comparison chart somewhere?
    Also do you offer any discount for Parallels users to change platform?
    I am a single Mac User intrested in running Windows 7 and Linux VMs
    Thank you

    1. Hello–there is a comparison chart here: There is a link at the bottom of the chart that takes you to a page with details regarding upgrades from Parallels to Fusion.

      If you’re interested in creating and running a Linux VM, please note that VMware Fusion 6 creates Windows VMs only. To create a Linux VM, you’d need to use VMware Workstation 10.

      Thanks, Nannette

        1. I am having the same problem. Upgraded to Mavericks last weekend and, now, invoking IE9 on VMWare 5.0.3 causes the Windows 7 machine to break internet connection. I am hesitant to upgrade to VMWare 6 if I am going to have the same problem. Has me wondering about Parallels…

  2. I am no longer able to update Windows via VMware since updating to Mavericks. Nor can I get explorer to connect to the internet. SO I disagree with the statement that VM and Mavericks work well together!!

      1. After 1 year with mac/VM5/win7, I upgraded my macbook pro to mavericks and to vmware fusion 6 pro.
        My windows VM do not work anymore. Constinuously freezing (checked in process monitor)
        I created a new VM from scratch with a win7 pro 64 bit. No change.
        Uninstalled and reinstalled VM6 + win7 pro, both from scratch – no change.
        I have the best combo and i am … lost …

        1. Christophe–sorry to hear about your issue. We have not encountered this issue in our testing. Please post your issue on the VMware Fusion Community page so Support can respond. Membership in the VMware Community is free–just register at


  3. When I updated to Mavericks, file sharing immediately failed. I am dead in the water until you fix this. You have also failed to respond to my support request yet. Surely you can at least tell us that you acknowledge that there is a bug, even if you haven’t been able to fix it yet.

    1. Seems to be OK now. I had to re-install VMWare Tools. Then the UI in the VM was too big, like it thought resolution was 1024×768. I turned off “Automatically adjust UI size” and it went back to normal. Why didn’t VMWare seem to know about these problems?

  4. I just upgraded to OS X Mavericks and now need Fusion 6

  5. Have their been any performance enhancements with regards to power management? App nap support and the like? If so, is there details anywhere I can find of the advancements Fusion is using?

  6. I’ve lost internet connection with Win7 running VMWare Fusion 5.0.3 with OS X Mavericks. Is this a known issue that can only be resolved with upgrading VMW Fusion to version 6?

  7. G’day,

    I’m running Windows 8.1 within Fusion 6 on Mavericks (MBP Retina, 16 GB RAM) and it works very fine but I’m not able to expand Windows 8.1 to a second display if a screen is connected via HDMI. Before the OS X update it worked very fine.

    Do you have any solution how I can work with Windows 8.1 and two displays (e.g. for a PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker Preview)?




    How did I either get VMWare Fusion working or upgrade in 1-step to fix this? VMWare needs to take care of it’s paying users (regardless of which version we’re using)…

  9. I also have Fusion 3.1 which is now unable to be used given that I have upgraded to Mavericks.

    Is there a way to upgrade to Fusion 6 directly, i.e. without having to reinstall Windows and all my stuff?

    This could be a massive problem for me, hopefully just buying version 6 and installing it over the top of 3 is possible???


    1. Hi David–upgrading directly to Fusion 6 works with Fusion 4 and up. We haven’t tested versions of Fusion prior to Fusion 4. Please post your question on the VMware Fusion Community page. Membership in the VMware Community is free–just register at Fusion Support will see your question and will respond.

      To check out Community activity for Fusion, go here: To participate you’ll need to register at the link above.

      Good Luck– Nannette

  10. Ditto: I upgraded to OSX Mavericks, and now VMWare Fusion 3.1.4 is incompatible. Can you provide a v3 to v4 upgrade, and a v4 to v6 upgrade, so that the existing VMs will run?

  11. Hi John–Hi David–upgrading directly to Fusion 6 works with Fusion 4 and up. Please post your question on the VMware Fusion Community page. Membership in the VMware Community is free–just register at Fusion Support will see your question and will respond.

    To check out Community activity for Fusion, go here: To participate you’ll need to register at the link above.

    Good Luck– Nannette

  12. Success!

    After reading a few threads on the community website it turns out that the answer is very simple.

    Just download version 6 of fusion and install it, nothing else needs doing, it seems to have just replaced 3.1.4 with version 6 and is working perfectly without me doing anything (other then installing V6).

    I downloaded the free trial version as I wasn’t convinced this would work, but after 30 days I guess I’ll be a new (old) customer.

  13. Hi,

    Do you know the license situation for running Mavericks under VMWare fusion, in particular for devs who have one Mac, and want to check everything works, builds, etc on Mavericks before making the switch. And how about the reverse, devs running Mavericks who want to test on 10.8 and/or 10.7?

    If not, any idea where to find out?

  14. For all those having issues with internet connection after switching to Mavericks, you can solve the problem instantly by quitting Fusion, then going into Settings->Network Adapter and switching to Bridged Networking -> Autodetect. For some reason, Mavericks doesn’t like what appears to be the default setting for many Fusion installations, i.e. Internet Sharing.

    – Dave

  15. I just download VMware Fusion 6 trial and maverick osx says I cant use it because it wasn’t from the mac app store, what do I need to do I cant find it in the mac app store??

  16. I have a major Fusion 6 problem since the OS X Mavericks upgrade. Quicken Home & Business has slowed to a crawl, and virtually all other Windows operations, even typing in the passwords on the XP screen have a huge delay. I’ve tried upping available memory, increase the disk size and windows defrag, but so far nothing helps. Commands execute but it’s excruciatingly slow. Any help available?

    1. With all due respect Nannette. What your post helpful? you referred Jerry to a very generic link that in no way helps him resolve his problem. I have the same problem and can’t find any information about it. Can you direct me to the support page that directly helps me with my Quicken Home and Business 2012 to run VERY VERY slowly. It worked fine with Fusion 4. Now that I upgraded to Fusion 6 this application runs extremely slow. Please help with specific advice.

      1. John–I can’t find any support articles or content related to Quicken running slowly in the Fusion Support Center. I suggest that you go to the VMware Support pages (, navigate to the Fusion Community, and post your question there.


  17. Fusion 4 works fine under OS X Mavericks (v4.1.4).

    The only issue I’ve noticed so far is that the VM Settings dialog isn’t visible unless you resize the window. Then it becomes visible. Everything then works as it did in OS 10.8.

  18. I think I understand the differences between the two versions.
    there a dummies cheat sheet or chart somewhere?
    Also is there any discount for Parallels users to change platform?
    I am a single Mac User trying to run Windows 7 and Linux VMs
    Thank you

  19. Upgrading to mavericks failed Network in vms, tried reinstalling ubuntu 13.10 from scratch no Network, and fusion does not release memory on exit.

  20. Hello am running Windows XP 2002 with VMware 5.0.4 on MacBook Pro with Mavericks 10.9 OS. I have a program that after updating to 10.9, it now can’t see the network. I’ve had several help with my network setting on the Mac and VM side and can’t figure out why the program won’t see the network. The computer and program can be seen from other computers on the network, but not vice versa. HELP!

  21. No mention of the modal full screen operation of VMWare which means you can’t use it effectively. The workaround is to use Unity but this is unusable in its current state (try doing a drag+drop copy between windows in the same Windows instance).

    Fusion 6 may be great for a marketeer’s limited use, but it sure isn’t for someone who needs to work in both worlds, such as ASP.NET development.

    I had to upgrade Fusion 6 to Fusion 5 to get the functionality back. Fortunately there’s so few new features in Fusion 6 that one doesn’t notice any difference.

  22. Hello,
    I was prompted to upgrade to Fusion 5.0.4 today on my Mac running 10.6.8. – I’m running Windows XP Pro in Fusion (old I know but does what I need)

    Just spent a whole day getting XP up and running again since the upgrade – even had to reactivate XP – Windows is running very slow and I’ve no internet connection in XP – tried every conceivable network connection, but nothing seems to connect. The Mac is fine BTW – wireless and ethernet. Am now at a loss as to what to do.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the reply. I solved the issue – I hadn’t reinstalled the VMware tools – should have known better – only been using VMware for 8 years!!!! Must have been the brain cell(s) I killed over Xmas and New Year!

  23. I upgraded from Fusion v5 Pro to v6 Pro and lost capability of Copy / Cut / Paste between OS X 10.9.1 and Win. 7 Pro.. Any ideas when this bug will be fixed?

    For now this “upgrade” has effectively become a “downgrade” by loosing this capability and it also appears that I am not allowed to downgrade from V6 Pro to V5 Pro and wait for the bug to be fixed..

    There is a thread on the about this as well and it appears that NOTHING is happening.. i would paste the link, but guess what, I cannot copy paste between the systems.. 🙂

    Your comments appreciated.. Thanks..

    1. This is still an issue and it would be nice to know that something is being done about it..

      “Silence” is not really the best way of communicating..

      1. Just downloaded a trial of Parallels Build 9.0.24172. Works as promised so I will be buying a license within the next two weeks before my trial is up..

        I was actually pretty happy with VMWare Fusion up until their obvious neglect of ensuring basic functionality for users who bought licenses when everything was still working as it was supposed to and didnt have a chance to do a trial to realize things were not working.. A shame really..

        / Palle

        PS: Guess what; above text was copied from Guest OS to Host OS thanks to Parallels.. 🙂

        PPS: There is the link for the VMWare Community thread about this issue:

        Best of Luck..

  24. Upgrade Fusion 6.0.2, from Fusion 4 since november, and it don’t run on My Mac OS10.9.1 since this date.
    I have Intego Virus on my mac, and Bitdefender on Windows 7, perhaps …
    I’m looking for solutions, but don’t find.
    The virtual machine is off after 2 minutes each time.
    And i have this message when I try to restart again :”Impossible de trouver un processus pair valide auquel se connecter” in french, because I am a frenchy.

  25. I’m also having difficulties with my VM Fusion version 3, just bought it to transfer over an XP Pro PC computer’s contents a few years ago and hadn’t used it for a while – was working fine last time I used it. Was just checking some files were available when I found it couldn’t even resume operation and was asking for dev. My computer is at home but I was just doing a quick search for fixes and wondering whether it would be better to change to Parallels since I don’t want to be forced to upgrade to new versions all the time just for it to work.

    I tried re-installing it from the disk, but it didn’t work, probably because I hadn’t uninstalled the previous one. Early hours of this morning I gave up as I had to go to work today.

  26. Dear All,
    please let me know if there is a way to transfer my running windows 7 32 bit OS into a VMWARE machine. All i see is to install new OSs into it, I want to take tmy current OS into a new hardware machine, whee simply transferring the partition is not working because of hardware issues and 32 bit signatures of the drivers breaking onto a 64 bit arch.
    Please correct me if I am missing something.
    I had transferred with Mac osxs, parallels takes the running OS as in Win 7 to Mac, and it was fine, but the RAM on Mac is too low, now I have i7 IV gen, with ample RAM, but no good as I dont see the transferableness easily. Leave aside windows easy transfer, as it is not found into the windows 8, which i have factory installed on the comp.

    Please help keeping in mind the resources I have.

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  29. I’ve been enjoying the new Fusion 6 with Mavericks for a few months now. It’s been solid and very fast (gcc is faster in an Ubuntu VM than in native OS X).

    It is great about allowing certain USB devices to be connected to certain VMs, while others are connected to the native machine. It doesn’t do so well at BlueTooth, however.

    Overall, it’s an improvement in both speed and functionality.

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  31. Nanette, what a wonderfully upbeat blog post. My experience is different.

    After upgrading to Mavericks I paid 50 bucks for the VMware Fusion 6 upgrade, assuming that this version would actually *work* with OS X 10.9.2.

    I have had nothing but misery, from “Internal errors” to “…has encountered an error and has shut down Windows”. Update to Fusion 6.0.2 did not help either. Based on forum information, disabled the opening of Windows file types with Windows applications. No luck.

    I have been a reasaonably happy Fusion user since 3.0, but the combination Mavericks/Fusion is just a big hair pulling pile of horse manure.

    Actively looking at non-VMware options.


      1. All I can say is: wow! Earlier contact with VMware support had me underwhelmed but your response and support this time has been nothing short of fabulous. And indeed, shortly after posting this I upgraded to 6.0.3 and have been stable since. Thank you!

      2. I am also getting this problem with “…has encountered an error and has shut down Windows”.

        I am wondering why I paid the upgrade to VMWare Fusion 6. I am running 6.0.4 so the update link included will not work for me.

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