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Announcing VMware Fusion 5 packed with 70+ new features and optimized for OS X Mountain Lion

With the recent availability of Mountain Lion, new Macs and the upcoming release of Windows 8, we thought it would be the perfect time to launch a new version of VMware Fusion. Today the team is extremely excited to announce VMware Fusion 5 with over 70 new features. 

Here are some of the key features:

Designed for Mountain Lion 

VMware Fusion 5 has been designed to work on Mountain Lion and integrate to some of its key features. You can now get VMware Fusion updates directly in Mountain Lion’s notification center or search for your favorite Windows programs in Launchpad. And if you have an Apple TV, you can even use “AirPlay Mirroring” to view your Windows environment on your HDTV.


Optimized for Windows 8

Who said Windows 8 was for PCs? Get the most out of the new Windows 8 “Metro” UI directly on your Mac and view it in smart full-screen or in unity mode. VMware Fusion 5 has been optimized to take advantage of new Windows 8 technologies and will make you wonder why you would ever consider running Windows 8 on anything other than a Mac.


Approved by the Latest Macs

View Windows like you’ve never seen it before with Retina Display optimization for a crisp and detailed experience of your Windows programs. Extend your Mac’s connectivity to your Windows environment and take advantage of USB 3 support for ultra-fast file transfers in Windows 8.


Next Generation Performance

VMware Fusion 5 will make running Windows in a virtual environment feel nearly native. Optimizing for technologies found in the latest Macs, you can get up to 40% faster performance when rebooting Windows 7 or when resuming virtual machines. And for all the mobile users out there, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get up to 45% more battery life when running virtual machines with Fusion 5.


New Functionalities

VMware Fusion 5 also comes with a number of UI enhancements to make it even easier to run and manage your virtual machines. The new Virtual Machine Library has been updated with Retina Display optimized thumbnails, folders and a new “Finder style” list view which lets you see the disk space taken by each of your virtual machines. Snapshots have also been updated so you can take 1-click snapshots directly from your virtual machine window and revert in 1-click.


 New Embedded Learning Center

The new embedded Learning Center lets you access a wide range of videos directly from within VMware Fusion. Get access to a wide range of step-by-step easy to view videos that will help you get started with running Windows on a Mac.  Popular videos include: how to purchase and install a new copy of Windows and how to transfer your entire PC to your Mac.


One more thing…

With the growing adoption of Macs in professional environments, we’re really excited to announce an all new version designed for advanced users: VMware Fusion 5 Professional.  VMware Fusion 5 Professional comes loaded with advanced features such as the ability to create restricted virtual machines and create custom networks with the all new network editor.

Best of all, VMware Fusion 3 and 4 users who want to upgrade to Fusion 5 will get VMware Fusion 5 Professional for the price of the standard edition!

So upgrade to VMware Fusion 5 today and get the best way to run Windows on a Mac.

Note that if you purchased VMware Fusion 4 on or after Mountain Lion was released on July 25th 2012, you are eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the next version of VMware Fusion. Click here for more information about this upgrade program.

To buy a copy of VMware Fusion 5 click here.

To try VMware Fusion 5 click here.

If you would like to learn more about VMware Fusion 5 and VMware Fusion 5 Professional click here

98 thoughts on “Announcing VMware Fusion 5 packed with 70+ new features and optimized for OS X Mountain Lion

  1. Sandy

    What are the requirements for these features?

    “Optimizing for technologies found in the latest Macs, you can get up to 40% faster performance when rebooting Windows 7 or when resuming virtual machines.”

    “And for all the mobile users out there, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get up to 45% more battery life when running virtual machines with Fusion 5.”

    Both of these would make the upgrade worth the money to me but how do I know if they would work on my MBP? Thanks!

  2. John

    Once again, VMWare screws its existing customer base by not offering an upgrade price. Time to look at Parallels again.

    1. Thor Juell Post author

      Hey John, We’re offering users who upgrade from Fusion 3 or Fusion 4 the ability to get Fusion 5 Pro for $49.99. Thats 50% discount from the regular price.

      1. Darryl Ramm

        Upgrading to Fusion 5 Pro at a ‘discount’ which gets you the ‘pro’ features most users are not going to care about for the same price as the standard full product is really not a “50% Discount”. For most users it just marketing fluff, confusing and jamming more product version crap into an already crowded space.

        1. Michael Olivero

          The price is fair. I don’t agree with VMWare offering various versions (professional, standard, etc.) as this is the road Microsoft took with their OS. Apple with OSX was always one version, plain and simple priced right. Slightly more than $4/month (a coffee) I feel I have lots of functionality and a big bang for the buck to have windows on my Mac while getting all the updates and features as they come out.

      2. John Wesley

        VMW not treating customer right on the free upgrade. Bought you Macbook Pro + Retina pre July 25 with Fusion 4? Well VMW not offering you a free upgrade, even though Fusion 4 is buggy with the Retina display. Apple upgraded those purchasers to Mountain Lion for free, even MSFT treats customers better around upgrades. Shame on VMW for gouging customers for $49 bucks for only a few weeks…

        1. chris white

          yeah I want to upgrade to Fusion 5 Standard not Professional. Why am I forced to go to professional as an upgrade? Lame…

  3. Daniel Harman

    That’s a thoroughly lame upgrade offer. Which marketing genius thought of it? The implication is you think you customers are idiots and destroy a load of customer good will. One of those offers you’d be better to not have made in all honesty.

    1. Daniel Harman

      Although having looked at the inferior competing product I see where you get the price from. Seriously… would have been better not to have made the upgrade offer at all.

  4. brian Nesbitt

    Looks like it’s time to give Parallel’s another shot. Seriously, VMware, this is an insult to customers that don’t need the pro features. If throwing your existing user base a $20 discount is so financially devastating for you, perhaps you should reconsider what business you are in.

  5. Ian

    Seriously, realistic upgrade pricing for your loyal customer base is sorely missing here.

    You are offering upgrade pricing to go to VMware Fusion 5 Professional version, but many of us do not necessarily need that edition. I think VMware is doing a great disservice to it’s existing user base by not offering a discount for upgrades from VMware Fusion version 4 to version 5. It it was available, I’d probably purchase it today.

    However, this “upgrade” pricing in reality is an insult. I purchased VMware Fusion 4 less than a year ago for $39.99, and asking me to now pay $49.99 for a new version is an outrage. I suspect I will not be the only one strongly considering switching to Parallels when they release their next version (expected shortly), especially if they have competitive upgrade pricing. Until Parallels does come out, I doubt any existing Fusion 4 users will be opting for VMware’s “upgrade”.

  6. Berit in Norway

    Totally agree with earlier comments: an insult to have such pricy upgrades for all of us existing customers! Already I have paid a lot for several upgrades…..No,no onwards to Parallells!

  7. Louis

    I have PD6 and PD7, when I entered the keys for discount Fusion5 Pro, it does not appear on the vmware store (AUS). :(

  8. Tony Vieceli

    I’m rather disappointed in VMWare’s update pricing. As I’m reading the other comments, I see I’m not alone. I don’t need the “Pro” features, so I’ve decided not to go that route. My decision now is paying full price for the standard version (bad customer retention strategy), moving to Parallels (paying the same money with a free upgrade in a few weeks), or staying with what I have and giving money to no one.

  9. Roberto Martins

    I’m giving up… Fusion user since version 3, now I’m going to switch to PD7. Fusion market strategy isn’t serious.

  10. Shawn

    I was getting constant pop-ups to upgrade to 4.0 ( I was running 3). So I upgrade in May 2012 and lo and behold, three months later I’m getting pop-ups to upgrade to 5.0, for another $50. You can not be serious. How can VMWare actively pursue their customers to sell them upgrades when they know full well that the product will be surpassed by a new product for the same price three months later? This just seems slimy to me….

  11. Christian

    I couldn’t believe when I saw the upgrade price of $50 … I must agree with the other comments, what marketing genius came up with this “upgrade to pro for half of the price”, this is ridiculous, really!

  12. Bill Warburton

    Wow – what a bunch of whiners! I think the free update offer beginning on 7/25 could have been earlier since I purchase VM 4 around 7/4 but come on, $50 is still a reasonable price for any upgrade. It takes money to run a good company – you need to pay your employees once in a while!

    1. John Wesley

      That is an insult to charge you another $50 like that. VMW doing just fine – they need to take customer interests to heart better. Bought mine on July 3, noticed a bug with the MB Pro Retina display and they assured me it would be fixed in the upcoming update. Silly me thinking they would offer it as a free update, they want me to pay another $50 for a product that didn’t work well in the first place. It does take money to run a good company – but good companies treat customers better. Apple upgraded recent purchasers to Mountain Lion for free… that’s the way a good company treats customers…

  13. Kris

    I disagree with some of the previous comments. I believe the upgrade pricing is fair. Fusion has always been a pricey app ($90 if memory serves). Upgrade pricing is not necessary for any company. When you buy a TV do you pay an “upgrade price” or do you pay full price? I would suggest pause in situations where one might feel entitled.

    With that being said, I have a retina MBP with Mountain Lion preinstalled. Fusion 4.x is straight up buggy on this machine and VMWare knows it. In my opinion it would be a deeper insult to force users in my situation to purchase a “bug fix”. That is not to say I won’t purchase the new version. I find the other offered features/improvements to be well worth the asking price.

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  15. Stephen

    So disappointed… I bought version 4 mid June and now am expected to pay full price again for an update? :-( Maybe I choose the wrong platform? VMWare, please listen to your customers and re-think this terrible upgrade pricing!

  16. Ron

    Well, I popped for the version 4 upgrade but another $50 to get V5 so soon after moving to V4? Nah…..I think I’ll pass.

    So VMware……how is my $0 better for you than maybe my $20, a fair upgrade price, would have been?

    Greed has destroyed an awful lot of companies. Sorry to see you guys heading down that path….

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  18. Antonio

    I bought a Fusion 4 license nine months ago and now should I pay the full price for Fusion 5? I don’t need the features of the Pro version! So I only have two choices: either I’ll switch to Parallel or I’ll buy nothing. Sorry, but Fusion 5 is not an option for me.

  19. smdoherty

    I only bought Fusion 4 this year and to upgrade to 5 is going to cost me another $50! thats more than an upgrade costs for OSX or Windows 8. Ridiculous!

  20. Russell

    I can’t believe these people complain about $50 when they buy expansive Macs that cost thousands of dollars. People act like they are just one pay check away from being homeless with their Macs.

    A person here said that he bought a fusion 4 at some full price nine months ago, $49.99. The person could have purchased a Fusion + 1 year subscription for bit more. But what do you know, he didn’t.

    I mean, $50 Pro is less than $1 a week. You are saying this for a $1 a week?

    Everybody knows software purchasing comes with uncertain future upgrade dates. To insure against these uncertainties, one can buy into subscription. But, complainers didn’t, and they are complaining about why they can’t get an upgrade while calling the company greedy. The real greedy people are those who want something for less than what it is worth. People had an option to buy into subscription. Fusion 4 works fine. Upgrade isn’t necessary. Fusion 4 works with Windows 8 fine. Aren’t these people going to complaining about how they have to now buy Windows 8? Are they visiting Windows forum to complain just same in the future?

    I bought a VM Fusion 3.1 with Subscription more than a year ago. I got upgraded to version 4 without any cost because i purchased the subscription.

    Fusion Preview has been running for since March. Everybody knows upgrade was coming, the Mountain Lion. How can someone make this type of excuses? Aren’t these Apple Geniuses? I am a mostly Windows user, and I knew this was coming.

    Parallels upgrade pricing isn’t all that different. People pay $80 for a full product, and upgrade is $50. Parallels subscription pricing is double the vmware’s pricing. Parallels also charges $7 for Extended Download Service. That’s not the case with VMWare. Parallels comes with 30-day support support. After that, it’s $75 per incident including email and phone. At minimum, Fusion comes with 18 months free e-mail support. You can install Fusion on Mac, Windows, and Linux at the same time, where as you can’t with Parallels.

    $50 upgrade pricing for Pro edition is a good deal. I mean, this is a VMWare.

    No, I don’t work for VMWare… I can’t believe some people’s comment over $50? A lof of these complainers will take someone else’s $50 in a heart beat, very greedy.

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  22. Adrian

    It’s fair to say there are more disappointed users (ex Fusion users) than upgraders.

    I have been a loyal VMware Fusion user since 2.0. I upgraded recently to F4 in May 2012 and it’s been heavy on my CPU ever since… I only use F4 for dev/test environment and I’m constantly worrying when I have 2+ servers active.

    I was shocked to realise that I needed to $50 upgrade (so soon) to F5 in order to do some testing with Win8 / Server 2012.

    Unfortunately, it has been a good innings with Fusion and I will be exploring other tools for my Macbook Pro.

    Hope you find this constructive.


  23. Bruno Lube

    Why don’t you just don’t upgrade and don’t buy a full version of Fusion? Do it! make VMW see the sales go downstairs. It’s healthy to ask for a discount if you think you deserve it, and i think that’s the situation here, but if you are not getting what you want, don’t upgrade. They will miss your money soon. Running a company like VMW is costly and they need your money.

  24. Teddy

    Long term Fusion user. Don’t require fancy features. Upgraded to version 4 in January 2012. Version 4 runs like a dog, so I rarely boot Windows any more. Now you want $50 for a pro version that likely has even more bloat and that’s likely to run even slower (on Snow Leopard). I want to stick with Snow Leopard because of other software dependencies. I’ll think I’ll just forget Windows if I can. Cheaper/easier just to use a dedicated old laptop for XP! That can’t be right.

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