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VMware Fusion 4.1.2 available via Software Update

The latest update for VMware Fusion fixes over 20 bugs, many reported by users, and is available for free for all VMware Fusion 4 users via the auto-update feature. 

4.1.2 jpeg update

Among the list of bug fixes are,

  • Resolved an issue that caused the following message when you resumed a suspended virtual machine: The Virtual Machine is unable to reserve memory.
  • The McAfee Virus Scan software is updated.
  • Resolved an intermittent problem that caused printing to fail on Mac OS X Lion.
  • Resolved an issue that occurred when copying and pasting information from newer Linux distributions.
  • Improved compatibility with certain versions of Mac OS X.
  • Improved the behavior of the minibar when placed at the top of the display.
  • Fixed mapping of comma on numeric keyboard mapping of a French keyboard.
  • Resolved an intermittent problem when removing a CD device from a virtual machine.

To download the free update start VMware Fusion, select the “VMware Fusion” menu and click on “Check for Updates.”

If you would like to find out more about this update, click here.

Interested in VMware Fusion 4?

Try it for free for 30-days by clicking here.

14 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 4.1.2 available via Software Update

  1. Fraupita

    I tried to update my VM fusion 4 to 4.1.2 and it crushed my computer. VM fusion does not work any more. Where can I download the update again and try to make my VM work again? I will loose lots of important information and files in case i cannot retrieve the information and files stored in my version 4.


    Actualize mi version de VM Fusion pero ahora no me deja abrirlo me envía el mensaje de no se puede abrir la aplicación porque esta dañada o incompleta urge me contacten en mexico al 81-82863704

  3. Jeff p

    My Mac running 10.6 is also now frozen.disk repair showed issues. If I left it run it shows ” can’t find valid peer process to connect to”. My computer is vital to our day to day business and now I can’t run windows on my Mac. Seems like you need a fix ASAP.
    I did send the “report” that was generated from this.

  4. Nick

    Updated to 4.1.2 and now both of my Windows XP Pro SP3 machines will only boot in Safe Mode.
    Anyone any ideas?
    This needs fixing ASAP. Clearly not a good update!!!

  5. D. Warren

    I don’t want McAfee Virus Scan. I want to update the software I paid for without adding the 100MB baggage of schwag that I won’t use!

  6. Ty Morgan

    Latest update seems to have destroyed my use of unity mode in XP. Also seems to have caused issues with Outlook.
    Can I go back to the previous version easily?

  7. Shannon

    HELP! latest update killed my vmware fusion.. i really need it to work- lost lots of data! when i run the copy all it says is unable to connect to peer process.


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