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The VMware Fusion team hits the road.

Over the past couple of weeks, the VMware Fusion team has hit the road to meet face to face with VMware Fusion users.  It’s always exciting for us to get the chance to meet more of the VMware Fusion community and to hear about all the cool things our users are doing with VMware Fusion 4.


Mac IT 2012

The Mac IT event takes place during Mac World and is centered on all things Apple in the Enterprise. We are all huge Apple enthusiasts, so it is thrilling to speak to companies and education institutions from all over the world that are deploying Macs in their businesses and schools. The message we heard was clear. VMware is synonymous with stability and reliability in these environments, so naturally VMware Fusion 4 is a perfect fit for businesses that are using Macs and need to ensure maximum compatibility. We are excited to be so closely tied to the journey that Apple is taking into the Enterprise and look forward to continuing to help lead the charge of Macs in the Enterprise.


Apple Advance Camp 2012

The Apple advance camp is an event geared toward Apple Resellers and Apple Consultants. It was an amazing opportunity to share all the new features of VMware Fusion 4, as well as get feedback directly from some of the most knowledgeable Apple Consultants in the country. The response we received was incredible!  Hearing all the amazing stories of VMware Fusion 4 being deployed into everything from high schools to music studios was awesome!  

Blog Austin shot

We truly feel that we have some one of the most loyal and creative user communities out there, and its a real pleasure to get out and speak directly to even just a small portion of you. We look forward to having more chances to meet with many more of you in the near future.

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