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VMware Fusion 3.1 – Better, Stronger, Faster Than Ever


We are really excited to tell you that VMware Fusion 3.1 is now available!  Team Fusion has been working hard since the beginning of the year to bring VMware Fusion 3.1 to you. VMware Fusion 3.1 is better, stronger, and faster than ever before and it is a FREE update for all VMware Fusion 3 customers.

The key highlights of VMware Fusion 3.1 are:

Faster Than Ever:  VMware Fusion 3.1 provides 35% better end-to-end application performance compared to VMware Fusion 3.0 according to WorldBench 6. Windows applications launch faster and scrolling and 2D graphics in Windows Vista and 7 is almost 4x faster than VMware Fusion 3.0. Virtual machines suspend and resume faster and virtual machines are more responsive on resume.

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics: The graphics team looked under the hood and delivered up to 5X better 3D graphics performance with VMware Fusion 3.1. Windows Aero is much faster on Windows Vista and Windows 7, and VMware Fusion 3.1 now has hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.1 3D graphics for Windows Vista and Windows 7 guests as well. Finally, thanks to all the graphics improvements, VMware’s latest Windows 7 graphics drivers are now supported for AutoCAD 2011.


Unity Better Than Ever: Unity is faster than ever from dragging and resizing windows to interacting with Windows apps. VMware Fusion 3.1 adds support for overlapping windows in Exposé and minimizing apps to the Dock. Only VMware Fusion supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Dock Exposé for individual Windows applications so Windows apps work even more like Mac apps in Unity.

Unity - Expose

Unity in VMware Fusion 3.1 now supports overlapping windows in Exposé

Unity - Dock Expose

Only VMware Fusion supports Snow Leopard’s Dock Exposé so Windows applications work more like Mac applications

USB EasyConnect: Makes it easier than ever to assign a USB device to a virtual machine or your Mac and can even remember your preferred choice.

USB EasyConnect

Switch to Mac with Ease: VMware Fusion 3.1 is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to migrate your entire PC to a Mac.  VMware Fusion 3.1 includes all of the software you need to make the switch – without the 25% added cost of a special one-time use cable. VMware Fusion’s highly optimized PC Migration Assistant is up to 4x faster than other Switch to Mac offerings.

Support for Larger Virtual Machines: With added support for 8-way SMP and an increased virtual hard disk size from 950 GB to 2TB, power users can get even more power and punch out of the latest iMac, Mac Pro and Xserve models from Apple.

More Power - 8 Virtual Cores
More Power - 2 TB Virtual Disks

Support for new guest operating systems: VMware Fusion 3.1 adds support for new versions of RHEL 5.4, SUSE Linux 11 SP1, Ubuntu and Ubuntu 10.04.

Virtual Machine Library - Ubuntu 10.04

Even more good stuff: There is lots of other good stuff in VMware Fusion 3.1 from Boot Camp virtual machine speed improvements to OVF Tool 2.0. See the VMware Fusion complete new features list for more details!

Updating to VMware Fusion 3.1

VMware Fusion 3.1 is a FREE update for all VMware Fusion 3 customers. VMware Fusion 3 will offer to automatically download VMware Fusion 3.1 the next time you launch, or you can select Check for Updates in the VMware Fusion menu to check for updates immediately.

After the VMware Fusion 3.1 update has been installed, you will need to upgrade VMware Tools in each of your virtual machines to see the improvements with 3D, Unity, Aero, Shared Folders, and much more.

If you need the full VMware Fusion 3.1 installer, it is available here!

Want to Try, Buy, or Upgrade to VMware Fusion 3.1?

If you are interested in trying VMware Fusion 3.1, click here to download a free 30-day trial.

If you are a new customer or want to buy an additional copy of VMware Fusion 3.1, it’s available for $79.99 from the VMware Online Store and VMware Fusion 3 is available authorized resellers worldwide.

If you are a VMware Fusion 1 or 2 customer and want to upgrade to VMware Fusion 3.1, upgrades from VMware Fusion 1 or 2 to VMware Fusion 3.1 are only $39.99 from the VMware Online Store.

Enjoy VMware Fusion 3.1 Today!!!

We hope you enjoy using VMware Fusion 3.1 as much as we did making it. We will share more details here on the Team Fusion blog over the next few weeks.

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About Pat Lee

Pat Lee is the Senior Director, Remote Experience for VMware Desktop and Application products. The Remote Experience team is responsible for 3D graphics, remote display protocols, remote device access, desktop clients, thin clients, web clients, and mobile clients.

14 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 3.1 – Better, Stronger, Faster Than Ever

  1. Bart

    In short: nice product, but sales support is horrible. I just *can’t* buy the damn product, due to a mistake in their billing system. Support tickets are neglected on a structural basis.

  2. Heinrich

    Why do you guys keep on refusing to add support for 3 cpu cores (or other odd number of cores for that matter)?
    If you want to run a fat VM on a quad core machine, you can allocate all 4 cores, but that intereferes with any programs you may be running on the host. If you could allocate 3 cores to the VM it would give the VM 50% more threading power. Am I missing something here.

  3. joel

    @ Heinrich. Cant you just manually change the vmx-file to 3 cpu cores?
    Open it with any text-editor and change the cpu-count. Have not tried it on fusion but I think it should work,

  4. Terry G

    As of version 3.1 I’m forced to run VMware Fusion from /Applications doing otherwise and it refuses to run. Previous versions (that includes v3.0) allowed me to move the application file to another location (such as a subfolder of /Applications). Very annoying.

  5. daiyu

    we are considering using fusion in a computer lab environment so students can run different OSs. The problem is preventing them from creating their own. we would like to see there be a security feature to limit vm creation based on users.

  6. Russell

    It would be nice if you included bug fixes in the entry or a link to where they can be found. I couldn’t find any – just a bunch of stuff that amounted to marketing. I’ve been dealing with a “Signal 11” error for awhile now and I’m wondering if anything was done to address it, but if you fixed any bugs, you sure are being secretive about it. Bad policy.

  7. David Ocker

    Upgraded from 3.0 and 3.1 – new, unwanted behavior arises. Can’t paste from Mac to programs in the virtual XP. When selecting Open With for a file, programs in XP are no longer available.
    Worst of all – after repeatedly searching, I can find NO way of reporting this to VMWare.
    So, I’d really a ppreciate if someone could tell me: A) how to get any support or B) how to downgrade to version 3.0 (which was just fine)
    An email reply would be best: docker@davidocker.com

  8. dennis

    please help. upgraded to version 3.1 via internet and now will not open fusion at all . I am not technically minded so any help appreciated.

  9. Jon Hart

    Im using snow leopard and use the dock preference “Minimize windows into application icon”. It is great, I can have a whole lot of vm’s running, all minimized and out of the way ( most of my vms are servers ). On occasion that I want to pull up one of those minimized vm’s the pop-up menu from the fusion icon will not unminimize them.
    It shows a list of all of my vm’s. I would like it if when I click on an entry in the list it would maximize that vm. Either that or add an option to the top of the sub menu for the vm.

  10. Seb

    I’ve noticed a small regression. When u move the VMFusion 3.1 in a Subfolder (For example Applications/Virtualization), it does not start.

  11. Paul

    Will multi-user VM support ever be included with Fusion? Certainly it would be great to share a single copy of a VM or better the boot-camp partition with multiple users on the same Mac 🙂

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