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VMware Fusion one of the 10 essential OS X apps for pro web developers

IE in a WindowCraig Grannell on TechRadar covers the 10 essential OS X applications for pro web developers and we are happy that VMware Fusion made this impressive list of essential applications for the web developer.

The Mac has long been the platform choice of web developers and there are a lot of great tools on the Mac that make it the better choice.

In the past, Mac based web developers had to have a PC on their desk to test their apps as well. With VMware Fusion, they can get rid of the extra PC hardware and test all their web apps on the Mac they love.

Coda and BBEdit are the top two essential apps for pro web developers and VMware Fusion plugs into both of them, so you can preview your designs in any Windows web browser right on your Mac.








In fact, Panic has a great tutorial on how to use VMware Fusion with Coda to preview designs in Internet Explorer on your Mac.

Why is VMware Fusion the right choice for web developers? According to TechRadar “…Fusion currently betters Parallels Desktop and VirtualBox. Robustness, usability and strong performance ensure Fusion’s an ideal choice for running Windows in a window on your Mac.”

If you are a pro web developer on the Mac that is not running VMware Fusion, we highly recommend you try it today and see how well it incorporates in your workflow and makes testing your designs easier than ever.

Just a reminder, if you buy VMware Fusion 2 today, you qualify for a free upgrade to VMware Fusion 3 when it comes out on October 27th.

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7 thoughts on “VMware Fusion one of the 10 essential OS X apps for pro web developers

  1. Thomas von Deyen

    THE ONLY reason to run Windows on a Mac. Debugging WebApps in f… IE. And this is done best with VMWare Fusion, trust me.

  2. Lukas Smith

    So are you planning multiple major updates in the next 12 months? Or are you doubleing the price with the next update? Or are you not even going to offer an upgrade option?

  3. Minh Nguyen

    I purchased Fusion 2 in a retail box when I purchased my Macbook. I registered the product online but the store would not let me upgrade. I was even invited to the beta program. So I registered again and now I cannot access my account.


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