VMware Fusion 2.0.5 Update Now Available

Fusion We are pleased to announce our latest maintenance release of VMware Fusion 2. VMware Fusion 2.0.5 is a free update for all VMware Fusion 1.x and VMware Fusion 2.x users. You can download the bits here.

VMware Fusion 2.0.5 fixes over 80 bugs and comes with the following enhancements:

Snow Leopard Host!

For you adventurous types who run Apple's latest Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard seed on your Mac, VMware Fusion 2.0.5 runs on your machines. Only 32-bit kernel is supported at this time. And because Snow Leopard is a pre-release operating system, VMware Fusion's Snow Leopard support is currently experimental.

Better Mac OS X Guest Support

We provided experimental support for Mac OS X 10.6 Server (Snow Leopard) as a guest operating system starting in VMware Fusion 2.0.3, and in 2.0.5, this support is extended to include the latest Snow Leopard seed (32-bit kernel only). We also worked with Apple to fix an issue with installing Snow Leopard guest on Macs with the powerful Intel Nehalem processors. Both Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 run well in virtual machines on Mac Pros and Xserves with Nehalem processors.

Ubuntu 9.04 "
Jaunty Jackalope" Support

Of course, we have not forgotten those of you Linux fans. VMware Fusion 2.0.5 supports Ubuntu 9.04 as a guest operating system out of box, with pre-built modules and Easy Install. You no longer have to apply tricks like this.

Lower Idle CPU Usage

The VMware Fusion team is committed to providing a very stable and highly performing virtualization environment on the Mac. In this maintenance release, we reduced CPU usage when a virtual machine is idle under VMware Fusion.

For all the details of what VMware Fusion 2.05 has to offer, read the release notes.

What about the ATI Graphics Issue on Mac OS X 10.5.7?

I posted a note last month warning you about the problematic ATI drivers in Mac OS X 10.5.7. Unfortunately, the issue still exists. But be assured that we are following up with Apple and ATI on a resolution and we will update the blog when we have any change in status.


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  1. I just updated to VMWare Fusion 2.0 and got the lovely message about my ATI Graphics Driver not being compatible with this version of Fusion. I know everyone is working on fixing this issue and I trust it will be resolved soon. Like a lot of people have stated already, a warning about this issue would have been nice before I installed Fusion 2.0. Is there any way of uninstalling 2.0 and going back to the previous version or won’t that make a difference? I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

  2. How about the bug where if you boot into Windows (boot camp) from VMware, Windows thinks you’ve changed hardware and deactivates??

  3. I would like a refund. This ATI driver bug has gone on for too long, and it is preventing me from using the applications that I switched from parallels to use anyway.
    Seriously, what’s the point in charging an extra $20 for upgrades when the upgrades are useless?

  4. @Chris Pittman: the issue is with the ATI drivers in Mac OS X 10.5.7, so even if you run an older version of VMware Fusion, you may still run into 3D issues. VMware Fusion 2.0.5 temporarily disables 3D acceleration in the virtual machines if it detects the combination of ATI-based Mac and OS X 10.5.7.
    @Sam: my other blog post explains why Windows requires activation when you use Boot Camp partition:
    As long as you install VMware Tools, you only need to activate your Boot Camp Windows once each in Boot Camp native and Boot Camp virtual machine.
    @Blake: VMware Fusion 2.0.5 is a free upgrade for all existing customers.

  5. hi – for vmware 2.0.5, how do i install mac os x 10.6 there? the only options are to install the 10.6 server.
    is it possible to install the client version?

  6. sorry – been reading the release notes wrong. vmware 2.0.5 runs on 10.6 workstation and you can now install 10.6 server as part of its virtualization features. 🙂

  7. Lame. The ATI thing has gone on for too long. VMware, ATI and Apple need to stop pointing fingers and just get it fixed.

  8. I believe Apple does not allow virutalization of 10.6 (non-server) in their licensing. Could someone at VMWare confirm that?
    Any word when Fusion will run in a 64-bit kernel? Is that Fusion 3.0 or sooner?

  9. Come on guys! the ATI issue is really starting to do my head in! It’s been going on way too long and it’s really not serious! It’s one thing to blame ATI, Apple and all, but competitors are handling just fine… Take parallels or Virtual Box.. Please guys!

  10. Guys, I downloaded Fusion just yesterday and I think it’s all fine and dandy, but I already had 10.5.7 installed and I’m super disappointed in this ATI bug.
    I’m obviously not buying this until the problem is solved. It does seem a bit nuts that this has existed now for literally months without being repaired. It’s a huge dealbreaker.

  11. I am running a WinXP Boot Camp VM in Fusion on a 2.4G Intel Core 2 Duo iMac and OS 10.5.7 with 3G of RAM split evenly b/w Mac and VM. I recently upgraded to Fusion 2.0.5 (and reinstalled VMWare Tools) and my XP environment has become extremely unstable. Programs are crashing but the task manager can’t fully close them (has happened to Outlook, IE8, Adobe Reader), XP is intermittently unable to fully shut down so I have to Force Quit Fusion and reboot the Mac, and performance is noticeably slower overall. I have both Mozy backup and MobileMe sync running in the system tray. Any known issues that might be going on here? Should I downgrade back to Fusion 2.0.4? Help!

  12. I just downloaded the update 2.05 and it won’t load because it says I need to quite Fusion, which I’m not running. Anyone know what gives here and what I need to do to install the update?

  13. I recently bought vmWare Fusion, and although it is not a deal-breaker (I can still do some things) I find the ATI-problem very disappointing.
    The fact that it’s been months isn’t exactly reassuring either.
    Please fix this(or get someone to fix it) ASAP.

  14. So now that Snow Leopard is not a “pre-release” are we going to see a real update with 64-bit support? I’m waiting for this to buy…

  15. I just installed Snow Leopard abd my VM ware does not work. What do I do? Don’t you have an update? Pleas respond.
    Thank you

  16. Is the issue with the ATI 3D graphics and Fusion 3 going to be fixed anytime soon? I have been waiting for months. I am using the trial for Parallels and it works fine. I am thinking about switching.

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