Take Control of VMware Fusion 2 Series: Find a Missing Pointer

Cover_vmware_fusion_2 The Take Control of VMware Fusion 2 blog series is back! This week, we are going to talk about finding a missing mouse pointer. If you are new to the series, the ebook Take Control of VMware Fusion 2 by Joe Kissell, teaches you all the fundamentals of VMware Fusion 2, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of running Windows on your Mac.

Here is this week's excerpt from Joe Kissell's new book Take Control of VMware Fusion 2:

Find a Missing Pointer

In a few of situations, you may find yourself without a pointer—you move the mouse but nothing shows up, either in Windows or in Mac OS X. Don’t panic. It’s likely one of three issues:

•    First, during part of the time that Windows is starting up, shutting down, suspending, or resuming, the VMware Tools drivers aren’t active, so Fusion can’t perform its usual trick of handing off the pointer between Mac and Windows. In most cases, if you wait a minute, it’ll come back. If it doesn’t—or if you can’t wait—press Command-Control to release the pointer from the virtual machine’s control and hand it to Mac OS X.

•    Second, in rare cases, your pointer may move just fine in Mac OS X, but when you move it over the virtual machine window, the Windows pointer doesn’t move (or doesn’t appear at all). If this happens, choose Virtual Machine > Grab Input, which jogs Fusion into attaching mouse input to the virtual machine.

•    Third, Fusion may lock your pointer to the virtual machine window to make a game work correctly. If this happens, you won’t see your Mac pointer even when you try to move outside the window. If this happens at an inappropriate time, see the section “General Preferences” for the gaming-related settings to change.

To learn more about the book Take Control of VMware Fusion 2, or buy it, click here.


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  1. I have used fusion on my Mac Bk Pro for approx 2 yrs and love it. But I recently received a message in Windows that will not allow me in. A file is missing or corrupt and needs to be re-installed. Can you advise/help? FILE INFO: WindowsRoot>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe Thanks ChrisC

  2. hi ChrisC: there can be several causes of this. But it is most likely a Windows specific problem. I would do a Google search on “ntoskrnl.exe” to start with.

  3. Hello,
    I’m a big fan of VMWare and you all do a great job. The 2.0.5 idle mode is awesome.
    Quick question I can’t find the answer to. Where are snapshots stored?

  4. Oh that’s great news. I have my virtual machine on an external and wanted to make sure my snapshots weren’t taking up any space on my internal drive. This is great news. Thanks so much for your response and the link. It really helped.

  5. Here’s another case: in Full Screen Mode, the icon of the mouse pointer does not change when hovering over different UI elements – no resize handles, no link pointer, no hourglass. It works fine in Windowed mode – and it worked fine in Fusion 2.0.4! Will try to downgrade as this is annoying. Guest is Windows XP, Host is OS X 10.5.7

  6. Installed snow today and fired up my VM and now it is frozen. I CAN move the mouse but cannot see anything behind the frozen desktop screen.
    I’ve tried to restart, shutdown, and holding OPTION and clicking the VM menu does not enable the POWER DOWN option.
    At a complete loss as to what to do now. Thanks in advance for your input.

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