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VMware Fusion Team Looking for a Few Good Interns

BXSHT_Fusion2_Q308_LoRes The VMware Fusion engineering team is looking to hire a development intern for this summer.  The VMware Fusion development intern will get the chance to work on the latest and greatest Mac virtualization technology, and help shape the future of VMware Fusion!

We’re looking for undergrad or Masters student majoring in Computer Science, from a top-tier university.  Mac coding experience is a plus, but if you don’t have any, that’s by no means a deal breaker.  Being sharp as a tack, however, is a must have!

You can read more, and apply here.

Also, the VMware Workstation team (Fusion’s big brother—the must-have virtualization tool for the technical professional) is hiring a development intern too.  That job description is here.

If you, or someone you know is interested, by all means, apply to join the team!  Both positions are located in Palo Alto.

3 thoughts on “VMware Fusion Team Looking for a Few Good Interns

  1. Jordan Breeding

    Is this position available for remote hiring, or only for people who are local and/or can live nearby for the summer?

  2. George Styles

    I dont consider Workstation to be Fusions ‘big’ brother… its the other way round – USB support works perfectly on Fusion, but is crap on Workstation. Thats why I got a mac pro 🙂

  3. Peter Kazanjy

    Well, Workstation has been around since 1999, and “Big brother” is nicer than “Old man” ; )


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