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New MacBook Reviewed at Mobility Today; VMware Fusion 2 Again Features

First Look_ Apple Macbook @ Mobility TodayJust yesterday we blogged about Walt Mossberg’s review of the new MacBook complete with VMware Fusion 2.

Today we noticed another exhaustive review, complete with screencast, of the new MacBook over at Mobility Today with David Ciccone.

Well, sure enough, David’s review features heavily VMware Fusion running a Windows Vista virtual machine, and according to David, it’s smoking fast on his new MacBook.

Check out David’s video of the new MacBook running VMware Fusion 2 and Vista:

3 thoughts on “New MacBook Reviewed at Mobility Today; VMware Fusion 2 Again Features

  1. David Ciccone

    Guys thank you very much for acknowledging my review.. You guys have a great product!!!

  2. Marc

    Fusion has also been reviewed bij Ars Technica

  3. Kevin Yank

    Any chance you could post about the state of support for 3D in Windows XP and Vista under VMWare Fusion 2 with the new MacBook and MacBook Pro graphics chips (nVidia 9400M and 9600M GT)?
    I am having difficulty getting 3D applications to display correctly under Windows Vista on my new MacBook, and I have been unable to find any information about VMWare Fusion’s compatibility with this new video hardware.


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