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VMware Fusion Helping to Make Mini Black Holes!


People may be familiar with some of the buzz that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been getting out at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland.  But did you know that VMware Fusion is playing a part?

The LHC is now the world’s largest particle collider, helping scientists to learn about how the Universe began by smashing particles into each other in a 17 mile-long tunnel underground in Switzerland.

No, there’s no fusion of a nuclear sort going on, but VMware Fusion is being used to help them crunch the data that gets pulled from the experiments.  The scientists are running Linux virtual machines across any hardware, including Mac hardware, to run their proprietary software.

So even though this isn’t a case of people needing to run Windows on the Mac to run Windows-only software, like Photosynth on Mac or Worldwide Telescope on Mac or even Google Chrome on Mac, it is an example of “any app, on any Mac’” regardless of underlying OS.

You can read more about the LHC, their Macs, and VMware Fusion here at Macworld and on the VMblog, and the original press release here.

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