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VMware Fusion at VMworld in Vegas, baby, Vegas

VMworld.com_ The Online Virtualization ConferenceThe VMware Fusion team will be at VMworld, VMware’s annual conference, this entire week. 

Stop by the VMware booth too say hi.  Look for the VMware Fusion “pod” (hint…it’s the one with the iMac). 

We’ll take some pictures and some video about what your favorite thing about VMware Fusion is.

See you in Las Vegas!

2 thoughts on “VMware Fusion at VMworld in Vegas, baby, Vegas

  1. EarlyAdopter

    Tested with 10.5.5? Gives me a BSOD when I run my Boot Camp partition with VMWare 2.0, but Parallels 3.0 runs it fine.

  2. JJ

    I wrote a simple testing report on Chinese. Anyone interested may visit following link.


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