VMware Fusion 2 Goes Release Candidate: Embedded Antivirus Software, Enhanced Localization, and More.

VMware Fusion 2 Release Candidate 1 is now freely available for download.

Just like VMware Fusion 2 Beta 1 and VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2, the RC is free to download.  VMware Fusion 2 will be a free, downloadable upgrade for all VMware Fusion 1.x customers, when released.

Keep those bugs away!

Building on great features like Multiple Snapshots and AutoProtect automatic, timed snapshots that keep your Windows-on-Mac experience as safe as  possible, VMware Fusion 2 RC also includes an embedded complimentary 12-month subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus to make sure your Windows XP and Vista stay squeaky clean.

You can install VirusScan Plus right from the VMware Fusion menu bar, from the moment you create a new virtual machine, meaning you’re always protected.


Jet Setting VMware Fusion 2: Add Spanish and Italian

VMware Fusion 1.x ships in English, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified  Chinese.  VMware Fusion 2 RC adds Italian and Spanish to that list, making sure the VMware Fusion team will be welcomed with open arms on our next team offsite to Cancun, Barcelona, and Rome.

3D Getting Better and Stronger

3D performance keeps getting stronger and more polished, as seen recently in the launch of Microsoft’s new Photosynth 3d photo visualization product. 

Lots of Mac users were disappointed to see that Photosynth shipped without native Mac support.  The good news is, it runs just fine in VMware Fusion 2 RC.  You can read our blog post here about Photosynth for Mac.


Nuts and Bolts for Web Developers

And for you Mac web developers out there who enjoy using Mac-based web development editors like Panic Software’s Coda or Bare Bones’ BBEdit, but need to verify your creations on Windows-based browsers too, VMware Fusion 2 RC modifies the way it treats Windows-based web browsers shared using VMware Fusion 2’s application sharing.

Now you can you can launch your web page projects right into any Windows browser you like, not just the Windows-default browser, directly from the development environment.  Windows-based Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and even Safari for Windows, all on the same virtual machine, all accessible from your development editor!

As always, you can read about all the new additions, bug fixes, and more in the Release Notes.


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  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on the final release of v2! I have to say, my performance on v1 has slipped. I initially switched from Parallels to Fusion because Parallels was so sluggish. Fusion was much faster. At first. Now Fusion has become sluggish too.
    Hopefully v2 adds some performance enhancements too.

  2. I was wondering when the release date for fusion 2 might be. I have a lab i am about to roll out and i’d like to upgrade to fusion 2 on my image but i need to know if i should wait or not.

  3. Since I am running Fusion 2 RC1 my host and my guest are extremely slow.
    Hopefully this will be solved in the final release of Fusion 2 as it was not that slow with the most recent Fusion 1.x version.
    Anyway, it is a great product! I love it! 🙂

  4. Hi, Version 2 is running very slow compared with 1.x. I have 4GB Ram so not sure what the issue is, but I guess it needs a fix. I’m seeing good results with my USB key which was previously being corrupted a lot on 1.x. This no longer seems to happen.

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