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How to Access a Firewire Hard Drive Using VMware Fusion

Pete_s VMware Dell Dale Komai over at the Macsolvers blog has a great post up about how to access an external firewire drive from a virtual machine on VMware Fusion.

Even though VMware Fusion doesn’t currently support firewire pass-through, such that a virtual machine can’t “see” a firewire device as an actual firewire device, unlike how USB devices will show up to the virtual machine, there are workarounds for certain cases, this being one.

The way that Dale does it, like a lot of our users, is to set up the external firewire drive as a shared folder, using VMware Fusion’s “shared folders” feature.

Check out his post to learn more about how to use an external firewire even from inside your Windows virtual machine.


2 thoughts on “How to Access a Firewire Hard Drive Using VMware Fusion

  1. Scott

    I did this with VMware Fusion 2.0 and it did not work. The firewired item (external HD) shows up in shared folders in Windows, but only as an empty folder with the name I assigned to the EHD on the Mac. It does not show up in “my Computer” It does not mount from the shared folder as it is just an empty folder. I also tried mounting the EHD using a USB connection- Windows “sees” it but it isn’t funtional that way either. Love some feedback as I don’t know how to back up the programs on Windows (Quick Books for one) without an external hard drive. Yes, I can burn a disk each time, but really…

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