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EDIUS Pro on the Mac with VMware Fusion

One of the great commenters, on the VMware Fusion forums points out that his favorite “NLE” software (Nonlinear editing, for those, like me, who didn’t know what that means), EDIUS by Thompson Grass Valley, runs like a champ on his Mac Pro with VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2.

But he wasn’t content there.  He even went and made some two screencasts of EDIUS Pro 4 running on his Mac Pro, 8-core box, with VMware Fusion 2 (I re-uploaded them to YouTube because Liverwriter was having an issue with his Screencast.com embeds)

Way to go! 

High intensity video-focused apps keep getting better and better in VMware Fusion 2, as you have probably seen from our post on Microsoft Photosynth on Mac, Microsoft Worldwide Telescope on Mac, and the 2D and 3D demos we did for the VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2 release.

Check it out:

And here’s another:

One thought on “EDIUS Pro on the Mac with VMware Fusion

  1. amrit

    Man this looks good. I have been using Edius for last 4 years and love its grading and picture enhancement capability. Recently I bought a Mac and would love my Edius to run on it. you can see my work done with Edius on Ooh Media Productions official site.


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