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VMware Fusion Shows Up on Lifehacker Editors’ “Favorite Software” List

Pete_s VMware Dell

The folks over at Lifehacker, one of the Fusion team’s favorite blogs, have a great post up where the Lifehacker editorial team—a brain trust of experts on how to use technologies of all sorts to live a better life and get things done—float all their favorite software applications.

Scanning through their list, there’s some great stuff in there that I use all the time, like Quicksilver launcher (OS X), Skitch (OS X) and SnagIt (Win), and some other stuff I wasn’t so familiar with.

Of course, the reason why I paid close attention to it, was that both Lifehacker Editor in Chief, Gina Trapani, and Senior Editor, Adam Pash, both listed VMware Fusion as their favorite way to run Windows on the Mac (and, in this case, Linux too—these guys skew more techy than most, as you would imagine.)

Thanks for the shout out, Lifehacker team!

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