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VMware Fusion Academic Pricing Now Available Online

fusion_edu01 For those that don’t know, VMware has a strong academic background, having spun out of a research lab at Stanford University back in the late 90s.

Part of staying true to those roots is a company policy of very favorable academic pricing—in the case of VMware Fusion, half off from retail list price.

This past week, the VMware online store launched their academic portal, which you can visit here

Previously, the only way to get access to VMware Fusion or VMware Workstation at their academic prices was to purchase at an outlet like a campus book store that happened to stock the software—and not every student necessarily has access to that.

Now, current students, prospective university students, or academic faculty and staff can get access to academic pricing simply by visiting the VMware academic store front, and authenticating their academic affiliation. 

Let’s hear it for starving students getting cheaper software!

6 thoughts on “VMware Fusion Academic Pricing Now Available Online

  1. Ben

    Since I’m a student who has purchased the full-priced copy of VMware, would there be a rebate program for the difference between the retail and the student price if I could prove my enrollment?

  2. トッサヨ

    I am also in the same situation as Ben. I hope there’s a rebate program for students who bought theirs before this date to claim the price difference. I’m starving, by the way. 🙁


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