VMware Fusion in’s “Top 5 Mac Applications”

Jeff over at BestTechie has a cool video blog post up about their favorite Top 5 application for Mac users, both power users and regular joes.

They did some polling in their forums and live chat area to get the list together, and sure enough, VMware Fusion made the list as their favorite way to run Windows on Mac.  Thanks guys!

Check out the video below, which floats some other cool applications that you might want to put on your Mac.


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  1. Hey! You guys are awesome for posting Jeff’s material! Jeff is an awesome guy that ALWAYS interacts with his chatters, and community. He is ALWAYS helpful, and an all around great guy!

  2. Thanks a bunch! This is awesome, glad you enjoyed the video. I love your software, use it all the time, especially in Computer Science when I have my Macbook. If you ever need beta testers or whatever it may be drop me a line.
    Jeff Weisbein

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