Mark Madsen Switched from Parallels to VMware Fusion for OS Options


Pete_s VMware Dell-2Mark Madsen is an agile software consultant–he shows software developers how to get things done faster and better, always with an eye on improvement.

Mark had previously been using Parallels to run Windows on his Mac, but he wasn’t happy with how long operating system installations took.  He wants to run Windows on his Mac to get things done; not to babysit Windows.

And because Mark has to use lots of different types of operating systems in his work, it’s even better if he can get a pre-made virtual machine–a “virtual appliance“–with the application and OS already built it, rather than having to spend time to build a new virtual machine, and install the operating system and applications from scratch.  Again, he really couldn’t get this with Parallels.

Pete_s VMware Dell-3So Mark’s switched to VMware Fusion, and is loving VMware Fusion’s “Easy Install”  feature that performs an unattended install of Windows–no babysitting required.

And Mark’s a big fan of VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace, where he can go and download a pre-built virtual machine of whatever operating system he wants, with applications already installed.

Check out his video above, and his blog post on his switch.


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