Holy Cute Overload: Switch from Boot Camp to Fusion And You’ll Be This Cute

I think the VMware Fusion team has found an aspiring intern.

Todd Wheeler asked very, very nicely, and got his son Myles to be the family spokesperson about switching from Boot Camp to VMware Fusion.

Why does Myles think that VMware Fusion is a better way to run Windows than Boot Camp alone?  Because you don’t have to reboot and because you can share clipboards between the Mac and the Windows environment.

What Myles didn’t mention is that you can run VMware Fusion right on top of your Boot Camp partition, and then reboot into it if you want to do something like high end 3D gaming, or have Windows access an external Firewire device.

And Myles also didn’t get into the benefits of running a “pure” virtual machine, rather than on top of Boot Camp, like being able to instantly suspend and resume your VM, and snapshot and rollback changes if something breaks.

Regardless, he’s got an open offer if the VMware Fusion team ever needs a mascot. Myles, you rock.


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