Everyone Welcome the VMware Fusion Team Interns

The VMware Fusion team is lucky to have not one, but two fine interns this summer, helping us with all things Windows on Mac.

FILE0070 Jon Chu comes to us from University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, but previously was an engineer at Avid Technology.  He’s serving as a product management intern, looking at what future versions of Fusion should look like.



FILE0069Sandy Lin (that’s Sady’s personal blog) also flew across the country to join us in sunny Palo Alto from MIT Sloan School of Management.  She too was an engineer in a former life, but has moved on to being more product marketing focused.






Both have hit the ground running in a big way. Remember the great video accompanying our virtual leopard server announcement?  That was one of their first projects.

So welcome to Sandy Lin and Jon Chu—interns extraordinaire!


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