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Some "Switch to VMware Fusion" Movies in the Morning

We’re already seeing some great videos rolling in for the "My Switch to VMware Fusion" video contest (see more about the contest here).

Eoghan O’Shea of Limerick, Ireland submitted a video talking about how he switched from Apple’s Boot Camp to VMware Fusion for running SolidWorks on his Mac at school. 

He’s at University in Limerick Ireland, and takes classes that require CAD drawing, and as most people know, AutoCAD, Solidworks, and other industry-standard drafting apps are pretty much Windows-only.

He had been using Boot Camp, but was less than impressed by the amount of time it took to switch back and forth between environments. 

His video does a better job of explaining than I will this early in the morning, so without further ado, here’s Eoghan’s video:

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