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VMware Fusion Get the “Royal Treatment” from District Administration Magazine

District Administration magazine is the go-to publication for
administrators of K-12 education institution  who are looking for better, more successful ways to run their schools.

A big part of success in the modern school has to do with technology, and as most tech-heads know, the Mac has always had a special spot in the Education space.

The challenge of course is that there are key applications that are must haves in education, applications like Visual StudioQuicken and more, that need Windows to run. 

Ken Royal, the technology editor for District Administration magazine, of course, has been tracking virtualization as a way to address this problem for quite some time.

However, only just recently did VMware Fusion come across Ken’s radar as a great way to run Windows on Mac.  How much does he like it?

Well, according to his coverage, the web development department at District Administration magazine are switching over to VMware Fusion as their standard for running Windows on Mac.  A telling quote from the post:

"Yes, it’s faster [than Parallels]. I had been experiencing some pretty drastic system
slowdowns and had to do some fixes – it wasn’t intuitive for me. With
VMware Fusion I didn’t have to do anything."

We’re glad to see Ken and the other editors at District Administration getting value out of the software, and the more that VMware Fusion can help create more scenes like the below, the better!


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