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Fusion Faces: Journalist and Author James Fallows Using VMware Fusion with His New MacBook Air

Imagine our surprise and delight when not a week after Robert Scoble boasted on his blog about how he had switched from Parallels to VMware Fusion our Google Alerts picked up on another high profile user talking about how he’s using VMware Fusion.

In this case, it was James Fallows, renowned author and Atlantic contributor.  James is doing a cool series on how life with his new MacBook Air is treating him.

In Friday’s post, he details how he’s now up and running Windows XP on MacBook Air thanks to VMware Fusion.

He had some challenges at first using a special install disc of Windows XP provided by the Atlantic IT department, but once he got a normal Windows XP disk, he was ready to rock.

This is one of the pictures he posted on his blog:


Apparently James likes a program called Zoot, which is used by writers and researchers to organize information that will eventually becomes books and magazine articles.  Well, Zoot only runs on Windows, but with VMware Fusion, James now can run Zoot for Mac.  Very cool. 

Here’s Zoot running on James’ shiny new MacBook Air, with VMware Fusion:


4 thoughts on “Fusion Faces: Journalist and Author James Fallows Using VMware Fusion with His New MacBook Air

  1. vij

    james mentions that you have information on how to download an ISO image of windows? could you pl share that here ?

  2. dano

    Do you guys know Fusion crashes when boot camp partition loads in Macbook Air? It has wasted me so many hours without success. After hours of googling, I found out the solution here.
    I hope you guys post this valuable information on your blog officially so that your precious users won’t suffer any longer.


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