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Fusion Faces: Chris Gulker, founder of SFgate.com, running VMware Fusion

Chris Gulker has been around technology for a long time.  He founded SFgate.com, Examiner.com, and has worked at Apple and Adobe in  various product roles, so he knows his software.

It seems that recently he started playing around with VMware Fusion for Windows on Mac as an alternative to running Parallels Desktop.  He has a couple posts talking about running Windows XP and Ubuntu at the same time.

Chris has also been using his blog to chronicle his fight with cancer, documenting the ins and outs of his experience, including the technology involved in his treatments.

His latest post talks using VMware Fusion to run Windows-only medical visualization software GE Centricity.  He has a screenshot of his MRI, displayed in a VM running on VMware Fusion. 

It’s really rewarding to see users being able to use the product to help them do important things, like keep on top of health issues, in a more seamless way.  Stories like this really bring home the human value of this kind of technology in a way that sometimes gets missed when talking about running MS Outlook, Project, or Max Payne on a Mac.

Thanks for sharing, Chris!

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