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Friday Fun: VMware Fusion Sponsoring Barcamp Austin

Vmware_fusion_barcamp The VMware Fusion team tries its best to engage with the larger Mac community, from going to Macworld and blogging and videoing the results, to sponsoring "MacCamp" following just after.

Well, BarCamps, which are loosely themed "tech-centric unconferences" are another phenomenal community comprising alpha geeks, not-so-geeks, and just interesting people in general, many of whom are Mac-centric, and many of whom would likely find value in switching to the Mac with the help of VMware Fusion.

When the organizers of BarCamp Austin, which runs just after South By Southwest Interactive, approached us about helping them out, we jumped at the chance, sponsoring the "unconference" and providing some copies of VMware Fusion for use as prizes for their iPhone SDK hacking contest, and as raffle items.

We wish we could be there in person, but this is the next best thing!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: VMware Fusion Sponsoring Barcamp Austin

  1. Warren Elsmore

    That’s really cool. I’m involved in the UK and Irish Lotus User Groups (www.ukulug.info & http://www.ilug2008.org) – and we’re almost entirely moved to Macs, thanks to VMWare Fusion!
    How do I go about getting in touch with the Fusion team to say ‘thanks’ and invite you guys over for a Guiness or two?

  2. Big Mad Kev

    HI Guys,
    We have a conference in the UK for Mainly Adobe Developers and many of these are moving over to MAC’s any chance of any freebies, mainly Stickers and stuff would be cool, or even a contact in the UK that maybe able to help.
    Now that most Developers are learning to use VM’s for best practise environments


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