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Ask Dave Taylor Answers Questions About VMware Fusion


Tech support guru Dave Taylor over at "Ask Dave Taylor" has a great post up about running Vista in a virtual machine on VMware Fusion.

Apparently he’s had a lot of his audience asking him questions about VMware Fusion for running Windows on Mac, so he thought he’d do a post on Vista in a VM.

I love the screenshot he provided as proof of success.  Good old Solitaire:


8 thoughts on “Ask Dave Taylor Answers Questions About VMware Fusion

  1. Richard

    when I run a low res, low colour MS PC game the colours get messed up and the vm doesn’t resize the screen (i.e the game is shown in a little box in the middle of the window)

  2. EmJay

    How about the ability to run Mac OS X Server as a VM? I’m looking at doing something like this soon since the new EULA in 10.5 (for Server only) allows you to virtualize!!

  3. Bobbie

    I am using VMWare, Windows XP and I was able to print using the bridge setting. All of a sudden it stopped working so I am now trying to use Bonjour. Bonjour sometimes sees the printers installed on the Mac side, sometimes it says No Bonjour printers available. When I select a printer through Bonjour I get the message that tells me I do not Adminstrative Privilages. This is my personal computer so there is no other Adminstator. What can I do to print from Windows?

  4. Tony

    I am trying to connect from my VMware fusion to internet but no luck.
    Anyone can explain how can i do that?
    I have a wireless network. I can connect using my mac os fine.
    When I configure with vmware to use network, i tried with all 3 option one by one. no result either. I appreciate your help.

  5. colleen

    I tried to connect the Printers from my window side to the mac side using the Bonjour download and following the 30 minute tutorial on the Fusion Ware web site. Now I do not have internet on the windows side ,nor do I have printer access. How do I at least get the internet access back? I have it on the mac side.
    Please help!

  6. Cindi Clark

    I am getting this when I try to go into VMFusion. “VMWare Fusion cannot power on virtual machines using this copy (version 3.0.0). To power on this virtual machine, run VMWare Fusion from the default location.”
    Why? How do I get to a default location? Not sure what to do! Help!


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