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Weekend Geek Out: BeOS, Haiku, and VMware Fusion

  This was posted earlier this week by Ars Technica,
Wired and
MacUser , but we
wanted to note it to our readers as well.

Most people think of VMware Fusion as being the best way to
run Windows on a Mac. But it’s important not to forget that VMware Fusion not only will let
you run Windows 3.1 all the way through Windows Vista, but also more than 60  x86 operating systems as well. And
that includes operating systems many people thought had already rode into the

Old school tech heads may remember BeOS, which many back in the day thought might ultimately replace Mac OS Classic
as Apple’s operating system of choice. Well, when Apple went with NeXTSTEP, many thought BeOS was doomed to the

Well, BeOS is making a comeback, in the form of the Haiku
, an open source version of the operating system.

And if you have an interest in playing around with the newest open source
version of what was once hailed as the successor to Mac OS Classic, you can
certainly do just that, using VMware Fusion to run a pre-built virtual
machine with Haiku already installed
(zip file).

The people at Haiku have even made it easy for you,
providing VMware-based virtual machines on their download page.

Go forth and geek out! 

And as a preview, here’s a neat demo that the Haiku team pushed onto YouTube:



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