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Team Fusion across the pond: VMworld Europe and VMware Fusion


For readers of this blog who may not know, VMware Fusion for running Windows on a Mac is actually only one part of VMware’s business. 

The other, largest part focuses on server virtualization, by letting businesses of all sizes (include 100% of the Fortune 100, and more than 90% of the Fortune 1000) control their costs and add agility and availability to their IT infrastructures via consolidating multiple physical machines into virtual machines running on products like VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMware Server.

Every year, VMware has their user conference, called "VMworld."  This year, we’re having one in Europe as well.  To celebrate VMworld EMEA, the Fusion EMEA marketing team put together a podcast showing off things users can do with VMware Fusion. 

They were nice enough to throw it up on YouTube to share, and we thought we’d share it with you (my favorite part is 8:30 minutes in, when they use Spaces to manage six different VMs!):

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