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…but we’re huge in Canada!

National_canadian_flagAll the cool interviews that took place at Macworld are slowly but surely making their way out of the woodwork.

NewMediaManitoba.tv had a chance to catch up with Pat, our fearless product manager, at Macworld, and talk a little bit about (that was pronounced "aboot" by the way) VMware Fusion and its features like Unity mode, Dual SMP, and how it helps users run Windows on Mac

Looking at this video’s fantastic editing , especially in light of my own somewhat pedestrian video production attempts, is really quite impressive. Kudos to NewMediaManitoba.tv for making such great video podcasts.

Check it out!

7 thoughts on “…but we’re huge in Canada!

  1. Smeagol

    VMWare is great! Thanks for making an awesome product.
    When can we expect more virtual CPUs? I have an 8-way that can be better utilized.

  2. Martin Cleaver

    If you are huge in Canada, how come its so hard to find a discounting retailer in Canada for VMware fusion?
    After rebate, it is available in the US for $40
    Your page http://www.vmware.com/landing_pages/fusion_rebate.html doesn’t list any Canadian retailers.
    Your retail page doesn’t list the CAD (the CAD is worth more, BTW).
    Any suggestions?

  3. Martin Cleaver

    Amazon.com to Canada:
    Items: $59.99
    Shipping & Handling: $23.98
    Total Before Tax: $83.97
    Estimated Tax:* $0.00
    Import Fees Deposit: $9.09
    Order Total: $93.06
    Less rebate: (20.00)
    Total = 73.06
    Or post to my friend in the US:
    Total: $64.97
    Less rebate (20.00)
    = 44.97
    I’d tell him to chuck the box and send me the serial number.
    For that matter, if I spent a bit more at Amazon.com I think I would not pay postage.
    Where are your Canadian Retailers?

  4. Jason

    I agree with Martin – it is quite frustrating that there is not Canadian retailer for Fusion. The Apple Store sells it for $99!! and I am not sure about the rebate working either!


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