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VMware Fusion 1.1.1 Launches; Adds One Cool Feature, Addresses 15 Issues


The VMware Fusion Team is happy to announce that VMware
Fusion 1.1.1
is now available, addressing 15 issues reported by our customers.

 VMware Fusion 1.1.1, a free update for current VMware Fusion
customers and available in all the languages Fusion currently ships in, also adds a nifty new feature to transparently remap keyboard shortcuts
when going back and forth between applications in the virtual machine and the
Mac, regardless of what view the virtual machine is in.

 For example, VMware Fusion now remaps Command –X from the
keyboard to Ctrl-X in the virtual machine whether in Full Screen, Single Window
or Unity. The same remapping happens for Command-Z/-C/-V/-P/-A/-F.  Previously, VMware Fusion only did this
remapping in Unity mode.

What this means to users, is that when copying something
from the Mac side to paste into the virtual machine, and vice versa, you no
longer have to remember β€œIs it Ctrl-V, or Command-V to paste here? Which
machine am I interacting with?”

effect is a more integrated blending of the two operating systems, so your Mac
and Windows work together seamlessly, where the user only has to remember one set of keyboard shortcuts! 

Keyboard remapping can be turned on and off in the VMware
Fusion > Preferences dialog.

To download VMware Fusion 1.1.1, go to: 


For a complete list of changes, go to: 


~The VMware Fusion Team

5 thoughts on “VMware Fusion 1.1.1 Launches; Adds One Cool Feature, Addresses 15 Issues

  1. Andrew Kutz

    1.1 also finally addresses the issue of shared folders in Windows being slow to the point of being useless. I finally was able to turn SMB off on my Mac and rely on Fusion Shared Folders as the way to share files between OS X and my WIndows VM.
    Thanks VMware!
    Now just implement accelerated graphics for OpenGL as well as DirectX so we can test Compiz in a VM : )

  2. Nico

    It’d be cool if you could also transparently map Cmd-t (new tab in firefox) and Cmd-w (close tab/window in several applications).
    Thanks for fusion, it’s really fun and easy to use! πŸ™‚

  3. Gabor Lenard

    Thanks for this great new version! A few of my issues are now fixed, like drag & drop in Unity mode, and it also seems to be faster. Good work.
    However, this Ctrl key remapping is so unfortunate. Why is a complete (but optional) swap between Ctrl and Cmd still missing? Parallels’ had it since the first betas.
    I always want to swap those buttons in Windows, because I often use shortcuts like Cmd+S, Cmd+W, etc. I would even reprogram the keys in Windows, but Fusion prevents me from doing that as it always swaps the keys in Unity, but not in the other modes (only a few keystrokes if you opt for it). That means if I swap the keys in Windows, they will be swapped back again in Unity mode. It’s crazy!
    Parallels does it so elegantly, please take a look at it. And it works for all modes, of course, as you would expect. You either don’t swap, or partially swap (like you can do now), or entirely swap the two buttons (which is still painfully missing from Fusion).

  4. Tojot

    New version is really nice … but remapping
    Since I work on MacBook Pro i need to remap some keys, but since I’m also using BootCamp, I need to have it done inside the client (!).
    I have my keybord already substantially remapped and since my ctrl key is no longer ctrl (Winkey is), your transparent remapping made, that I’ve no ctrl at all!

  5. Nick Taylor

    Yeah I also have done remapping of my mac keyboard and when working inside my windows client using vmware it can be very painful because many of my windows shortcut keys such as CTRL + S do not work.


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