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Technology Partner Component Testing on VMware Cloud on AWS

Leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS enables VMware Technology Alliance Partners to extend their applications that have been certified and are currently running on vSphere into the world’s largest hybrid cloud environment. Current VMware Technology Alliance Partners in good program standing now have the opportunity to submit an application to test their application/infrastructure component on VMware Cloud on AWS. The application provides VMware with insights on your application, the services it requires, and the opportunities once testing is completed, to ensure mutual success for both our Technology Partners and joint customers.

To get started, email to complete an online application for each application/infrastructure component you wish to test.

Testing Opportunities 

There are two simple ways you can test your existing applications or infrastructure components with VMware Cloud on AWS. You can either leverage a no charge environment through our virtual VMC and Real VMC (single host) capabilities OR you can purchase your own dedicated development VMware Cloud on AWS instance at a discounted rate.

No Charge Environments for Testing

Once you have requested and submitted your application for testing and have been approved by the appropriate VMware stakeholders, you will be provided with connection information about our Virtual VMC hands-on lab. The hands-on lab provides a low cost virtual representation of VMware Cloud on AWS. This step is to ensure the application/infrastructure component does not have issues/reliance on the reduced permissions set within VMware Cloud on AWS.

Upon successful completion of the hands-on lab and after submitting the exit survey to VMware, you will be scheduled for 2-5 days of time on a single host VMware Cloud on AWS host to test in a live environment. This testing is not intended for scale purposes but functionality testing in a single host environment. Upon successful testing in this environment and submission of the second exit survey, VMware will consider the application/infrastructure component tested on VMware on AWS.

Dedicated Development Instances for Co-development and Testing

Any VMware technology partner that wants to have their own instance of VMware Cloud on AWS for development & testing can purchase, at a discounted rate, their own 4-Host cluster to leverage. The first step to accessing a dedicated development instance of VMware Cloud on AWS is to complete and submit a testing application.

Please contact to learn more about eligibility and requirements or to complete an online application.


 For more information, please contact or your TAP Account Manager.


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