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vCenter Log Insight Content Packs bring new intelligence to your logs

The recent release of vCenter Log Insight 1.5 ( added many great features to streamline building Content Packs. Many of you have asked how to get started developing them. Now VMware Developer Center can help. Developer Center is a one-stop home for developers to design solutions for the software-defined datacenter (SDDC) and it is full of tools, documentation, discussion forums and even sample code for much of VMware’s software.

Content Packs are plugins to Log Insight that provide intelligence about the logs that are stored in Log Insight. A Content Pack tells Log Insight how to understand the fields in the log and stores a collection of searches and dashboards full of graphs of those logs. The 1.5 release ships with a content pack for vSphere, but you can build Content Packs for anything that generates logs. Over at Solution Exchange ( there is a growing catalog of Log Insight Content Packs already available for download from companies like EMC, Cisco and NetApp. We even have a certification program for solution developers, like you, to include their own Content Packs on Solution Exchange.

To learn more about how and why to build Content Packs, head over to the new Building vCenter™ Log Insight™ Content Packs page on Developer Center and download the trial for Log Insight. It is very easy to do and there isn’t any “coding” involved. You simply use Log Insight and save your work to a file that you can then share with other Log Insight users. See the recorded webinar and whitepaper for additional information.

Check it out on Developer Center at